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"It's a little sad to think how great Homefront could have been if only they'd sorted out the little details."

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DivoJones1280d ago

Who could have possibly predicted that an unjustified sequel to a game that could've been great had they sorted out the details, also could have been great had they sorted out the details.

Literally nobody asked for or wanted this game. The best sales pitch that the original homefront had was that it "wasn't call of duty or battlefield". This game almost died a few years ago and was acquired when THQ was liquidating its assets.. now it's someone else's under-performing and uninspired shooter that will drag another company into bankrupcy.

whitesoxfalife19761280d ago

crazy thing was when they gave out demo codes i was like yeah i'ma give it a go but when i booted it up and couldn't even start the game, i uninstall and delete.

That told me back then it was gonna be trash.....

Testfire1280d ago

Many people didn't like the first one as well, but I enjoyed it. I don't care what the critics say, I'm still giving this one a shot.