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NGB Wrote: "So, how does Doom measure up to… erm, Doom? Well, there’s a Jay-Z lyric from The Blueprint 3 where he says “If you want to hear my old tracks/buy my old albums” (I’ve paraphrased that quite heavily, that man enjoys a good swear doesn’t he?). The point being, you can still get the old Doom. If you want something completely faithful to the original…. just play the original. That said, if you really want to compare this to id software’s 1993 masterpiece, this isn’t that far off at all. In fact, it’s incredibly good. Repetitive environments aside, Doom (2016) is a lean game. A lightning-quick yet carefully made shooter with a grim sense of humour, I’ve had immense fun shooting through the campaign mode and enjoying a game that isn’t concerned with trying to be anything that it isn’t; a fun blast of a first person shooter.

A bad Doom game? No chance in hell."

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CoNn3r_B1279d ago

Doom single player: 9/10 - loving it
Doom snap map: 10/10 - better than Halo 5 forge in my opinion
Doom multiplayer: 8/10 - It's fun

Overall score 9/10. This game is in my top 5 for GOTY so far.