6 Things Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer Got Wrong

Uncharted 4 is great, but it isn't without its flaws.

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skcej1275d ago

Haven't jumped into the multiplayer yet. I'll give it a try but I won't be disappointed if it isn't an incredible experience. That single player tho <3

-Foxtrot1275d ago

It's such a let down (the multiplayer not the game it's self). It feels like it's lacking compared to Uncharteds past multiplayers despite the longer dev time and the delays it's had. Uncharted 3 was apparently (going by chatter on the forums) a little rushed but the multiplayer in that instalment still felt bigger with content.

I mean sure there is free content coming but you need to judge the game based on what you've bought not what is coming later on otherwise you could do that for any online game. Besides you don't know what it will be like or if when it comes out you'll still be playing, hell co-op is a long way off.

The rank system was apparently removed because they said on a live stream they didn't want a "conventional" ranking system found in so many online games today, HOWEVER they thought it was fine to make a multiplayer with conventional gimmicks such as sidekicks, mystics, loadouts and mods to go along with these, similar things found in other multiplayer games to help you kill/win easier.

Despite this being a problem in Uncharted 3 with the then added gimmicks and the fact a classic mode wasn't added until months later only to see it suffer as people had moved on they didn't think once to get a classic mode ready for Uncharted 4. It's called learning from your mistakes and it's clear here that despite them wanting to do something different again with the online they didn't create a mode along side it which is more traditional for Uncharted.

The reason why people liked Uncharted 2 was because it played so much like the single player. You could jump from one thing to the other and the only difference was in the online you could choose two boosters but even after a certain level these boosters didn't really do nothing as it was just giving you a boost (thus the name) to help you get started. It's such a shame that they had a fantastic, unique online game and they turned it into something like every other online game driven by gimmicks.

I just don't see why if you call them out for the lacking online you are called yourself as being a troll or made to look like you hate the game or Uncharted it's self. I'm sorry but I can't be a fanboy and pretend there is not a problem, it's ok if you like it but you can't lie through your teeth and say it's as full as past games. The thing people need to remember is even if you call out the online and criticize it the game it's self is still 9/10 or 10/10 based on the single player alone, people just wished it had a good online as Uncharted 2.

Orejillz1275d ago

Yeah I agree. I love the game, was very well done, but the MP, while fun, is lacking to say the least. I hope that they will build on it and bring it up to par.

Crimzon1274d ago

Yup. Where's the co-op story missions? Where's the co-op arena modes? Where's a bunch of past multiplayer modes? Where's all the fun characters? Where's the dynamic map features? The list goes on and on, there's so much missing from the multiplayer this time round and considering all the delays you'd expect something more than a tacked-on barebones multiplayer experience.

On the subject of lacking content, only launching with a measly 8 multiplayer maps might be okay if they were all of a high quality, but two of them (the auction house map and whatever that rainy cliffside one is) are terrible. It's shocking to see just how poor of a multiplayer offering they've put in this game, and they even removed the dynamic missions from the multiplayer modes which were really fun before (like a member of the winning team randomly being marked as a target worth double points) and sheesh, it really is just a gigantic disappointment to see it launch in such a sorry state.

It's not all bad however, they actually carried out a lot of the nerfs which needed to be done after the two betas, so it's not as bad as it could have been, but this is hands-down without a doubt the absolute weakest multiplayer offering that Naughty Dog has ever implemented in a game. Being the last game in the Uncharted series I assumed they'd come out swinging with the multiplayer component since it's the last one ever, but it's the most throwaway and tacked-on experience they've ever crafted.

I can only hope that Naughty Dog finally sees sense and replaces their multiplayer designers (Cogburn, in particular) before they get deep into development of their next game.

NotanotherReboot1274d ago

I prefer the online in the older Uncharted games

shammgod1274d ago

I agree with some of these, but I'm still enjoying it for what it is now. I think they are adding co-op and more modes and maps this summer which will help a ton.

Personally, I like unlocking the other characters and skins.

nub_cakes1011274d ago

I'm currently diamond 1 (highest rank in mp). Yes, it doesn't have as much content as the other Uncharted mps yet but it is still very fun

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