Top 25 Best Grand Theft Auto Characters of All Time

The best that GTA has to offer.

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Orejillz1280d ago

I wish I could say he was. But he's up there.

skcej1280d ago

Lamar is awesome. Him and Franklin cracked me up so many times in GTA V

Orejillz1280d ago

Lamar is a guaranteed laugh every time he's on the screen.

wars19861279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Thomas Vercetti and Trevor Phillips

1279d ago
MSF891279d ago

Most of them are one dimensional characters with poor writing except for CJ

TC7311279d ago

lol Trevor's one-dimensional? You apparently didn't play GTA5 at all.

TC7311279d ago

Trevor's #1 for the simple fact that he's basically Jack Nicholson.

Orejillz1279d ago

Trevor is one of my personal favorites too.

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