Final Comments on Ryan Payton's Decision to Leave Kojima Productions

Get up to speed on who is Ryan Payton.

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Mr_Kuwabara3700d ago

I really liked his pod cast, it really helped my hunger from all the MGS4 news drought that was usually the case when MGS4 was still in production.

Euphrate3700d ago


He stopped using the account, because fanboys took bubbles away from him for supplying MGS4 news :(

radzy3700d ago

i didnt even finish the game , my other 2 mates didnt word booooooooooooorrriiiinnnngggg. they sold their copy and bought warhawk with the packs. they are very happy now.

theKiller3700d ago

there will be others that will fill in his missing place!! am sure many would love to get his job!!

ustayclassyn4g3700d ago

'man of a thousand cool hats'. hope things work out for the guy