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Our nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition review benchmarks the card's FPS performance, thermals, noise levels, and overclocking vs. the 980 Ti, 980, Fury X, and 390X. -

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2pacalypsenow1274d ago

Seems like its not better than 2 980s in SLI like nvidia said based on some benchmarks ive seen today hopefully that changes with updated drivers.

jmc88881274d ago

It should. New architecture is generally when you see the biggest driver performance increases.

Eldyraen1274d ago

Most of the time the benchmark comparison announcements from companies don't relate to gaming benchmarks anyways. It's testing score programs instead.

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Ysmir67231274d ago

1080 was not overclocked.

2pacalypsenow1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

But neither was the one Nvidia was talking about when they made that statement, they based it of the base specs, Nvidia made it seem like its faster overall, where in reality its only in VR applications which not everyone will want to use.

This article explains it


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jmc88881274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Overall 4k/60 on some nice settings looks achievable in some of the hardest games to. Cards like the 970 could do 4k/60 on quite a few games, but even lowering settings on the 'hard to 4k/60' games would be 20-40 FPS range, like say Witcher 3 that tended to be around 20 FPS.

The GTX 1080 looks to push some of those to 4k/60 on ultra or 4k/60 on slightly below ultra or high settings. On ultra I've seen the Witcher 3 is about 37 FPS at 4k. So about double FPS with ultra settings instead of low-medium.

If you have a 1080p/120 setup, or 144/165, then the 1080 card seems it can run many games around those levels on ultra settings. If you have say a 4k Vizio P series that can do 4k/60 or 1080/120 this card seems like a great upgrade over a 970.

For instance a 970 could do 65-90 FPS in say Tomb Raider (not ROTR) on ultra, or a few settings turned down could be at 120. With the 1080, you can ultra everything and expect about 110-173 FPS.

It seems a stock 1080 can almost double a stock 970 at 1080p high FPS situations right now. At 4k, sometimes even bigger gains.

1080 looks like it can run Battlefield 4 at 1080p/ultra at about ~170 FPS. That's fast.
There's tons of reviews out, I've gone through about 15 so far.

Here's a good one in the sense you can see how well it works in a very condensed format. 1080/1440/4k all on the same graph on one big long page. It doesn't have the FCAT frame timings on it.

Here's one with FCAT timings

1080 looks great, but let's see what the much more affordable 1070 will do, and also see how much sticking to simply GDDR5 instead of GDDR5X will hamper it.

One thing of note though, is that the Maxwell refresh color compression that helped save bandwidth, has been further improved. So that should help it at 4k, but is it enough?

Overall this is impressive considering this is the SMALL CHIP. The full chip, and then the titan Xtra stuffed full chip or Tesla line modification should really be nice. Of course for the much higher price, wattage/heat, and timewise (6-12 months from now). The small chip is besting the big and overstuffed chips from last GPU gen.

It'll really be interesting to see some benchmarks after a few driver releases. We could see a quick 20 percent increase in many games in the next few months, and perhaps another 20 or so in the year or so afterwards.

ShadowKnight1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I'm glad it performs well enough in 4K :)

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Eldyraen1274d ago

No matter how you look at it, this is still a stellar card.

If you bought a 980ti or something bigger, well you probably don't really "need" to upgrade but for anyone else it's a great boost from anything older for sure even compared to 980ti that was the ei time of what anyone really needed (Titans being overkill and pricey--980ti is still overkill for anything but 4K on brand new/upcoming games and a desire for 60fps both. Ti makes anything playable and beautiful lower than 4K).

Now we just need more games that actually utilize the power we will be seeing outside of performance gains (which enthusiast cards are basically for though at this point--nothing makes them struggle at 1080p).

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