LittleBigPlanet US Packaging Unveiled

For those that might've missed it, Threespeech.com had an exclusive feature two weeks ago that unveiled the finalized LittleBigPlanet packaging for UK. Question on everyone's mind of course, what about the US? Now we're confident that most of you have seen our LBP Coming Soon Box at various websites, and perhaps even mistaken it as the final US packaging. It's finally our turn to unveil ours! Here's an official look at the US – LittleBigPlanet packaging.

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Jamegohanssj55797d ago

So I'm guess this is on Playstation 1 & 2 also right? It should be only on PLAYSTATION 3.


myothercar5797d ago

Hmmm, I think they'd rather not go through the hassle of this:

"Only on PS3"
"Only on PS2"
"Only on PSP"
"Only on PS3 and PSP"
"Only on PS2 and PS3"
"Only on PS2 and PSP"
"Only on PS2, PS3 and PSP"

Jamegohanssj55797d ago

I really find it funny how I had disagrees on this and it was my opinion. Also one of my bubbles were removed. Oh well d*ck holes.

At 1.1; you do kind of have a point there especially when it comes down to games like MLB 09 or NBA 09.

Lawl I can't use the work d*ck.


Zool 085797d ago

Well lose some more bubbles, now shut the d*ck up!

mfwahwah5796d ago

That's where I had to take away your bubbles. Don't need to be immature about bubbles.

Anyway, I like the Presidential Pose, looks saucy.

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El_Colombiano5797d ago

Hmmm I like it. Little Big Planet will be the biggest game this year, ok maybe...damn MGS4 is it's only opponent!

xtreampro_REVENGE!5797d ago

MGS4 cant be the best game forever, its a good game but its not worth playing more then 3 times, and thats coming from a PS3 fan, i've played R&C Future more then MGS4

zo6_lover275797d ago

Just makes the wait harder :(

Awesome BTW

Cajun Chicken5797d ago (Edited 5797d ago )

That's quite possibly better than the UK cover.

Heh, I really like that 'Only on Playstation' bar thats come into existence recently.

zo6_lover275797d ago

I like the bar too.

I wonder if it'll make its way to existing titles?