UGO: Battlefield Heroes Beta Impressions

UGO has been playing a lot of Electronic Arts' Battlefield Heroes lately and you soon will be as well. Why's that? Well, it's free to play for one. And it's browser-based, which means that your creaking, four year old laptop might just run it. Also, the game features a unique mix of ideas pulled from sources as diverse as third-person action, MMORPGs and web-based social networking services. The result is a potent experience which threatens addiction almost as soon as your personally designed soldier starts to level up.

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ar3755d ago

Browser based? Hope it will support full screen.

geminibros3755d ago

The game can only be started from the website. Clicking "Play Now" loads up a window-based portal where you can select and tweak your characters and missions. Entering the game from there switches to full-screen mode; no windowed play. What's more, the game supports widescreen and custom resolutions.

ar3755d ago

Thanks for the clarification. Have a bubble.

divideby03755d ago

looking forward to this game with options to buy stuff and FREE TO PLAY....thats what gamming is all about..not paying to play a game online

PureGamer3755d ago

oh be quiet about live. Jesus can we not just come into a article and discuss the game.