Gamespot: Puzzle Kingdom First Look

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords took everyone by surprise. An adventure world in which you upgraded wizards and warriors with experience points then fought enemies in games of Bejeweled, Puzzle Quest successfully merged two different genres. Fans were hooked, and they wanted more. More is finally here, and it's in the form of Puzzle Kingdom, which looks every bit as fun as its predecessor.

Puzzle Kingdom stands alone as its own role-playing adventure and is more of a spiritual successor to Puzzle Quest than a true sequel. The kingdom of Etheria is in trouble, and it's up to you to use your puzzling skills to defeat the enemy hordes. The game opens as you choose a male or female warlord. The warlord will recruit heroes to his or her banner, each with varying skills and abilities. Our first hero was a level-one old man, the equivalent of Glass Joe in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. You simply command your hero around an overworld map of Etheria, and often he'll be ransacked by bandits or enter an enemy township, triggering a, what else? Puzzle battle.

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