Portal Stories: VR Step into the World of Portal with HTC Vive

Prism Studios' Portal Stories: VR for HTC Vive is now available to download for free.

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irishyort1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Score 1 for a reason to now buy a Vive

Now if we could just play on the Vive -
Portal, Portal 2, Skyrim and some Fallout 4 on this thing I'm done for the rest of my gaming life thanks!

WeAreLegion1274d ago

You can play Fallout 4 in it right now, but not with room scale. Gotta use a keyboard or controller.

irishyort1273d ago

nice. hopefully Valve pull fingers out with the Portal 3 (Not really a demo and a full game lol)

WeAreLegion1273d ago

I hope so, too. I just want to play Portal with room scale and everything! I don't care how disorienting it is!