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IGN: For all of its problems, 2011’s Homefront introduced an interesting Red Dawn-like concept, and revisiting post-invasion America in an open-world first-person shooter format sounded promising; but this fledgling FPS franchise has let me down again. There are some genuinely good ideas in Homefront: The Revolution, but nearly every one of them comes with a big fat “but.” While initially engaging, the stealth and shooter gameplay quickly becomes tedious, the story is terrible, and a general lack of polish means Homefront: The Revolution fails to make finishing its 20-hour campaign feel worthwhile.

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lelo2play1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Ouch!!! Reviews haven't been kind.
First time I saw this game (at E3), it looked interesting...

BTW, launching the game in the middle of Doom, Uncharted and Overwatch was not a good idea.

seanpitt231273d ago

As soon as crytek jumped ship it should of been cancelled this was to be expected plus no competitive multiplayer.

JackStraw1272d ago

You realize most of the people that were working on it at Crytek... still worked on the game, right? They were just moved to a new studio.

1273d ago
freshslicepizza1273d ago

it's a shame because i thought the game had potential

1273d ago
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Utalkin2me1273d ago

Has nothing to do with launching it in the middle of doom, uncharted etc. The game is just bad. Not really one good thing i can say about the game, with the time i have played it.

1271d ago
LuisAlmeida1272d ago

I totally agree with you man!

1272d ago
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Tobsesan1273d ago

Still way too high for this turd

sRN4G19891273d ago

Have you played the game? Probably not. #KeyboardWarrior

Tobsesan1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Played the Beta and watched enough videos. Sad I wont get the wasted time back.

sRN4G19891273d ago

Game looks Mediocre at best, will be buying this when everything gets patched and at 20$ Price Range.

1273d ago
Relientk771273d ago

And I'm not surprised one bit lol

Concertoine1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

It's a shame because i thought the first one was kinda fun. The whole open world thing is turning me off this one. Also i had no clue it was releasing so soon... not good. This game could sink Crytek.

Circuitburnout1273d ago

Crytek has nothing to do with this one

formanbradley1272d ago

Don't ever use the "fun" word on N4G, unless you want down votes.

1273d ago
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