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Patrick Waring at GameCloud writes: "I have no doubt that things will improve over time, as is often the case with online games – things will have to if Gearbox hopes to keep this game alive. However, there is no denying that Battleborn is in dire need of improvement, and in some crucial areas. While funny and mostly entertaining to listen to, the campaign mode is short, disjointed, and a little boring in terms of gameplay. The cast of characters are brilliant but have a lot of balancing issues, with some getting a much larger power boost over others very early on in PvP matches. The PvP mode itself really drops the ball regarding MOBA design, which is clearly what was being aimed for in development, and makes the gameplay feel rather stiff. In some cases, poor design choices mean that the outcomes of matches are decided purely by pre-match decisions before players have even fired a single shot. Personally, I still love Battleborn, and I think it can be a great game yet, but Gearbox really needs to re-think some decisions about how they’ve put everything together."

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