Valkyria Chronicles Remastered now available for PlayStation 4

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered has been officially released for the PlayStation 4.

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tanukisuit1275d ago

Man... I wish all publishers packed in a steelbook for games. Love the artwork for this particular one.


the europa edition came with a poster and an art book which is pretty cool for the low price it's at.
hope it sells well its an awesome game even though it is a remaster but one of sega's finest!

tanukisuit1275d ago

Never knew there was such an edition - I should go about finding a copy. Thanks!


depends where you live I'm in Australia so get the Europe type editions as you could prob tell by the edition name here's a link to it from a place in the UK
and of course amazon

Kyosuke_Sanada1275d ago

Little fun fact, Valkyria Chronicles is the one of the artist's, known as RAITA , first non-hentai projects.

tanukisuit1275d ago

Hahaha, odd, but still interesting.

Xavior_Reigns1275d ago

Grabbing this tomm though I must admit no idea when Im gonna finish it. Finished DS3 after a month and now swithmching between UC4 and DOOM.

Vipre771274d ago

I'm gonna pass. Already bought it on PS3 with all the DLC and then bought it again later on Steam during their Summer Sale last year and I got it for something like $5 and it came with all the DLC again there. The Steam version already supported 1080p60. No matter what I did with AA settings though, I couldn't get all the jaggies to go away. From what I've seen on this PS4 version, the jaggies are still there on this version, too.