DICE's Daniel Berlin Talks Battlefield 1 - Respecting the Era, Horses on Biplanes and More

AusGamers interviewed Battlefield 1 world lead designer Daniel Berlin.

Here's a snippet from the interview:

“I think it is a bold step for us,” admits lead world designer Daniel Berlin when we asked about the decision to go to WWI. “It is a passion project for DICE, we wanted to make this era, this is our idea, we are pushing this and like I said, it’s a passion product. But, at the end of the day it’s [also] an entertainment product. Just like you would come home from work and watch, say, a murder-mystery and that murder-mystery is about some gruesome murder, it’s still entertainment, and you buy it because it’s entertainment. So it’s the same thing for us, yes it is a war entertainment product, but we’re still going to be respectful to the era in terms of authenticity to some extent, so… I can’t really stress more that it’s an entertainment [product] first and foremost.”

Rumours had circulated for a while that DICE might devolve the modern state of shooters by going to back to World War II, or even World War I, and is the Internet’s reaction to the whole thing is anything to go by, it’s a devolution the space has been screaming out for. Call of Duty, on the other hand, has opted to take their series into the far reaches of our solar system with spaceships and other planets and moons. This year the two franchises couldn’t be further apart, but it’s looking like Battlefield 1 has already claimed the hype award."

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Aenea1274d ago

Horses on biplanes doesn't seem to me they are respecting the era! :D

radiantmind131274d ago

I don't understand where this whole 'respect' the era thing is coming from. I mean it's a video game set in a different time period but still wartime. Early Roman, Middle Ages, WWII, Vietnam, Modern and Future wars, just some of the setting that have been reproduced in gaming. Some more accurately than others and never a peep about 'respecting' said times. Just curious.