Gallery: DOOM 90s vs. DOOM 16

DOOM celebrates everything that made the godfather of FPS an icon. We've put together a gallery that compares the monsters from DOOM 1 and 2, with their 2016 versions to show how far the series has come.

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DefenderOfDoom21274d ago

Thanks , where is Machine gun demon. and skull demon

2pacalypsenow1274d ago

Should of made the Shotgun more like DOOM '93

SoulMikeY1274d ago

Should have, or should've.

I like the new versions best.

nevin11274d ago

I thought 007(N64) was the Godfather of FPS?

Anyway, i always wanted to try Redbox and for some reason, I picked DOOM as my 1st official rental even though I'm not a FPS fan.

So far the campaign I'm finding it to be your typical average FPS.

I only played the MP beta which wasn't bad but I haven't tackled the retail version.

GrimDragon1274d ago

I think people go by what game really set the bar and caught on for any given genre.
Like you'll hear people say resident evil is the grandfather of survival horror but it was really always alone in the dark. Likewise we have doom being called the grandfather of fps but it was really wolfestien 3D. But if you really want to go back than it would be a game called maze wars on the Mac. So iam inclined to believe it's about the game that really caught on and grew with the masses.

game4funz1274d ago

Average fps.... No and most definitely not typical.