Overwatch’s Tracer takes over Melbourne

FENIX Bazaar writes: Hype train leaves the station as Blizzard ramps up marketing blitz for Overwatch.

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Poli_Games1274d ago

I can't wait for this game!!! UGHHHH!

Ninver1273d ago

Please explain what's so special about it? I genuinely want to know. Everything I've seen so far indicates its a mindless fast paced multiplayer game with likeable characters I must say

camel_toad1273d ago

Did you ever play Team Fortress 2? If you did and you got hooked on it, you'll get hooked on this. If you didn't like it then I'd say don't bother.

Over the years I've put hundreds of hours into TF2 and now after playing the Overwatch beta I already see myself doing the same with it. It's just fun as hell.

Ninver1272d ago

@ camel

i appreciate your honesty. i haven't played TF2 nor one but i will give overwatch a try. hopefully my thoughts about the game will change and i can also enjoy it.