LittleBigPlanet Scans

GameXtract writes "If you are not on the LittleBigPlanet wagon yet then I'm sure you will be eager to hop on sooner or later as its turning out to be one of the biggest anticipated games yet. Sacboy has persuaded many with his cute, and creative innovations, and today we could not resist either. We have four new magazine scans of Sacboy, and his video game courtesy of PlayInside. While the magazine is in Japanese, and the text may not appeal, the images show step by step sequences ranging from customizing your Sacboy to defeating LittleBigEnemies. A good view if your still craving for more Sacboy! Scans can be viewed after the jump!"

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LILKEL9143704d ago

i think that this little game will be kind of fun but i jus want to know the real release date