Naughty Dog Can Do Many Things, Stealth Is Not One Of Them

Pixelgate writes:

''Naughty Dog are praised for a number of things. Their ability to tell stories, craft character we grow to love and care about. Praise for how intense their games can be, how the action is rewarding. One element of their games rarely gets highlighted, even though it has played a fairly large role in their recent releases.''

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windblowsagain1279d ago

Stealth isn't perfect, but There isn't a game that is perfect in that way.

Played enough MGS, Crysis, Farcry etc. Sometimes they work well enough, other times It's just pure fail.

Erik73571279d ago

Man, I remember fighting in the jungles in crysis 1, I was blown away and still am at how well it holds up to todays games.

bloop1279d ago

I'm nearly finished my second playthrough of Uncharted 4 on crushing and you HAVE to use stealth to take out as many guys as you can or you'll just get your ass handed to you. I've cleared out entire areas without being detected so the stealth route seems to be working for me anyway. Although it's not as fun as going in guns blazing!!

TRS_Gear1278d ago


I can see stealth being an absolute necessity on 'Crushing' difficulty. But how in the heck did you handle parts like the ambush in Avery's mansion? That part is hard enough on 'normal' difficulty.

bloop1278d ago

@TRS_Gear: Yeah, there are areas in the game that you can't use stealth at all as enemies are aware of you from the off. Averys mansion was tough. The biggest problem on Crushing is the lack of ammo. You can't dig in somewhere and just pick everyone off as you'll run dry after taking out a couple of guys and have to move out to get ammo. The area before that I took everyone out stealth so there was lots of ammo around and I had a fully stocked grenade launcher and 6 rounds in that hand cannon pistol (can't rem the name of it). I got as far as the pirate ship graveyard before I turned it off which is another encounter that you can't use stealth. I had no ammo at all going into that and there were a LOT of retries, hair pulling and controller throwing moments. I was close to throwing in the towel over that encounter. Just make sure you have fully stocked power weapons before you leave an area and take out the toughest guys first.

nX1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

^Can't you just use the infinite ammo modifier if you're having trouble? I mean it's possible without, but it's better than throwing your controller around.

I for one will definitely start my crushing playthrough with bullet time.

inveni01278d ago

I enjoyed stealth in U4 more than I enjoyed it in U3. I found myself approaching every encounter with stealth first, and sometimes going completely around the encounter altogether.

bloop1278d ago

@ nX: Man, I never even thought of the modifiers!! Yep, that would've saved me a lot of heartache and I'd probably have more hair now!!! I can't remember exactly but I think all I have left to do now is just one encounter and then the last fight so I think I'll suffer out the rest of the game without them now.

rainslacker1278d ago

I'm trying to do it without modifiers myself. I'm almost up to the mansion shoot out, and have a feeling it's not going to be fun. But will do my best.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1279d ago

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the stealth in Uncharted 4. However, I play Uncharted like a n Indiana Jones movie. I take couple of them stealthy, then go gunblazzing and kill them with style

It is not a stealth game. The stealth is just there to give us options

Aenea1279d ago

Same here, tho at times I wanted to do stealth and thought I was in cover to only notice later on that the wall behind me was not there or there was a hole in the roof with an enemy... That just meant a shootout ensued anyways :)

nix1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

That's exactly how i played too. Those i could kill stealthy i did. Rest of them were too far away for me to spend that much time not being seen. UC series has pretty much been run and gun types always. It's not like TLOU where ammunition is scarce and you have to depend on stealth. There's abundance of ammunition just lying around.

This is like saying "ND is not good at driving games" because it's not a driving game.

game4funz1278d ago

Have you been playing in crushing... Crushing turns the game into a broken stealth game.

Chevalier1278d ago

I try to clear the whole section and usually fail then fight for my life with guns blazing. Although I did finish one section yesterday without guns so there is that.

rainslacker1278d ago

I agree that it's not meant to be the main objective, like with say MGS5, hence why I don't down rate the game for it. Would be nice if more stealth approaches were available, but ultimately, it does serve the purpose of the game, and does give some more options on how to approach combat, which was nice. I wouldn't have minded seeing a bit more variety and options to the stealth available, but that's my only qualm.

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affrogamer1279d ago

Stealth in TLOU is as good as any other top-notch stealthy game out there.

intellegent1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Too bad there is only one stealth-kill animation when you come up behind enemies. That made it less enjoyable for me.

Gol3m1279d ago

That's actually incorrect about there being only one animation. I've knocked out people and had the guN land in my hands only to end up back in the bushes in stealth mode. I've snuck up behind people and choked them out. I've pulled them over short walls and knocked them out. Seriously am beginning to wonder if almost all the people spreading misinformation have even played the game

CernaML1279d ago

He's talking about The Last of Us.

sullynathan1279d ago

no the hell it isn't. Only in N4G will you see a comment like this. Stealth in TLOU is not as good as Splinter Cell, Thief or Hitman.

bloop1279d ago

Agreed Chillstep. TLOU is probably my favourite game of all time but having the same animation for every stealth kill really bugs me.

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andrew1719941279d ago

Its more of a run and gun game if u want stealth then thats the last of us

Erik73571278d ago

I personal liked Last of Us AI more because they were a lot more up close and melee parts too it. And you had to engage them and pick up objects like bricks,glass,etc.

rainslacker1278d ago

My only problem with the stealth is the levels and enemies weren't layed out to be able to use it as effectively as some other games do. You could use it to take care of some of the enemies, like on the edges of an encounter area, but it was either extremely time consuming, or down right impossible to use stealth to get through a whole section....although it was possible to get through many sections using stealth with no kills.

I think the stealth played a better role in drawing enemies away from one another, so you could take care of more using the outlayers that hung back from looking at your previous position, but ultimately, especially on crushing, this was mostly ineffective given how quickly you could be spotted.

OTOH, maybe I just didn't give it enough time to learn it a bit better, so my qualms with it are more down to not taking more time on it.

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DigitalRaptor1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I felt stealth was one of the best parts of the game, built to take advantage of just how open the environments are.

The only complaint I have is with partner AI not being spotted even if they move in direct line of sight of the enemies. But we all know that this is purposeful because the alternative is partner AI ruining a carefully planned stealth progression, if they're spotted. It's more of a case of the lesser of two evils, until AI is improved across the board.

This is something that wouldn't happen if there was no partner AI accompanying you on the journey. It's a testament to their ambition of having partner AI that actually helps you in so many great ways throughout the game. Still, the best levels to make use of stealth is when Nate is alone.

Playable_Gamez1279d ago

Yeah but if you compare the stealth mechanics to other games, it's pretty average and meh. I found it more fun, easier and less time consuming to just take the enemies head on. Honestly if they would have made the stealth mechanics too robust, you would have ended up with Uncharted 4: The Phantom Pain.

Genuine-User1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

It's not a stealth game but it does give you the option to clear some areas discretely. What's here works well for an action adventure game.

That said, gunplay and physical combat are are absolutely outstanding.

1279d ago
Bathyj1279d ago

But thats a testament to the game that you can play it to your own style. You took them on, but Ive been stealthing everywhere. A good game is one that lets you adapt.

rainslacker1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I did like that your partners were at least effective in stealth take downs. Even came in handy at times when dealing with two enemies. Couldn't command them to do something specific, but at least it's a start. I understand the AI reasoning, so just let it go.

phoenix_dusk1279d ago

It works imo but atleast it's not as bad as TLOU party AI.

I feel like this game is harder to stealth than TLOU too. Once you break your cover, all hell breaks loose. Lol

5p4c3d1279d ago

kept scrolling down looking for this comment

Skankinruby1279d ago

Uhm The Last Of Us was built entirely around stealth and they executed it perfectly. Journalists are getting stupider by the day I swear.

BEASELY1279d ago

Except Uncharted 4's stealth doesn't even come close to Last Of Us. I think that's the driving point of the article.

LP-Eleven1279d ago

We're talking about Naughty Dog, as a whole, not Uncharted 4 in a bubble. In this case, I think their stealth game is fine.

BEASELY1279d ago

Oh, I'm very aware of what we are talking about here, I'm just speaking specifically about a key title within the topic.

1279d ago
SolidGear31279d ago

They should've specified Uncharted 4 then. I'm finishing Doom before I start Uncharted 4 so I can't judge yet.

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PixelGateUk1279d ago

The last of us was not built entirely around stealth. Upgrade that shotgun so it fits in with the super stealthy gameplay right?

BEASELY1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

My first playthrough of Last of Us (on hard) was nothing but stealth takedowns for both humans and infected. Best way to play. You're rewarded with tons of extra ammo during the combat sequences and it overall just adds a gritty layer of realism to the world and how you'd actually approach a real-world situation.

Try shotgunning your way through Grounded.

Dark_Knightmare21279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Yes it wasn't a full blown stealth game but you would be lying if you tried to deny it wasnt predominately about stealth especially on the higher difficulties like grounded where stealth was absolutely essential to you beating the game. Regardless the stealth in both games works pretty well especially on crushing where the a.i is ruthless which is why most reviews praised it and not crap on it.

sullynathan1279d ago

TLOU did not execute stealth perfectly.

sullynathan1278d ago

@DragonDDark never made the claim. You should address op.