DOOM: Hell Never Looked So Good (First Impressions)

ID Software and Machine Games have unleashed hell, with their reboot of DOOM. Machine games give their take on the beloved classic shooter, that put 1st person shooters on the map. Will this be the reboot fans are looking for?

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Garethvk1281d ago

8 hours in and loving it myself.

Poli_Games1281d ago

It's really good so far, it's very fluid and fast paced!

Poli_Games1281d ago

How's everyone enjoying the game thus far? I'm hearing a lot of GOTY talk around this game. What do you guys think about it?

Garethvk1281d ago

Might be too retro in parts of GOTY. I think Uncharted 4 pretty much has that locked up.

SolidGear31280d ago

GOTY contender and definitely shooter of the year but we all know Uncharted 4 will actually win GOTY unanimously :3

Poli_Games1280d ago

At this point that is a given! ;) But, it's amazing how we're not even half way through the year and theirs so many GOTY worthy games!