Bandai Namco Teases New Dragon Ball Z Videogame Announcement

A new Dragon Ball Z game will be announced Tuesday, and with a teaser site like "" it sure seems like it'll be a game that spans the entire timeframe of the Dragon Ball Universe.

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StormLegend1274d ago

Better be for consoles and not a garbage phone game or even for 3DS

Randostar1274d ago

I just want another "REAL" tenkaichi I miss DBZ-TK3 so damn much. One of the best ps2 games ever.

KentBenMei1274d ago

I agree it shouldn't be Mobile but 3DS/Vita are fine.

the_hitman30001274d ago

They already revealed their 3DS game so I don't think they would do a countdown for something for mobile. It's probably Xenoverse 2.

KentBenMei1274d ago

PLEASE be Project Fusion. I bet it is Xenoverse 2, sadly...anything but that...