First Divine Divinity II RPG trailer

Larian Studios, a Belgian developer, has just released the first trailer of Divine Divinity II. This role playing game will be released on Xbox 360 and pc.

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ThatCanadianGuy3756d ago

More games for all! thanks to you know..the simple fact that microsoft releases half of their games on PC.

Moneysoft doesnt understand the meaning of "exclusives"

Grown Folks Talk3756d ago

when that PS3 owner buys the pc version, Microsoft still gets paid.

Dyingduck3756d ago

lost flop = flop
flop dragon = flop
tales of flop = flop (7.25 from Game Informer)
too flop = flop
infinite flop = flop (7.1 from IGN)
360 = king of FLOPS


Chris3993756d ago

Consider me excited. The original Divine and Beyond Divinity games were pretty solid, this should be the same - just in HD! Sweet!

- C

Shadow Man3756d ago

Fable meets Oblivion meets Lair kind of game.

Charlie26883756d ago

I am currently playing the first one and its F_CKING fantastic :D I highly recommended it to anyone that likes Diablo kind hack-and-slash Dungeon crawlers plus a very interesting and unconventional story (full of bizarre and often insane quests) set in an open world

hopefully the second one is as good if not better than the first one :)

ironcreed3756d ago

Sacred 2 this year, and now I can look forward to this one next year. I LOVE games in this genre. But, this one looks like a whole other kind of awesome in regards to fantasy action/RPG's go. It looks as if someone just may finally implement dragons in a way that actually works and blends well with the game as a whole. Consider me sold thus far. Really digging this one.

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