DOOM Review - Damn, It Feels Good to Unload a BFG Again | COG

COG writes - Walk softly and carry a big gun... a BFG to be exact. DOOM makes a triumphant demon hunting return as it debuts on the current gen.

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GrapesOfRaf1282d ago

Shooter of the year, at least until we see what happens with the new Battlefield.

MRBIGCAT1282d ago

BFG means Big Friendly Giant, right? That is a very inappropriate header!

Ok, my jokes suck, but seriously, so glad to be playing DOOM again. This game is super badass.

psplova1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Trying REALLY hard to hold off on starting this game back up before I finish UC4,(played the first 5 minutes of it before deciding to stop) but reading all these reviews really has me jonesin for some DOOM man.. May have to bounce back and forth, which isn't what I wanted to do. Quite a lovely dilemma I'm in, I guess.. : P

SolidGear31282d ago

GOTY contender in my opinion. About to get to the Lazarus facility :3

starchild1282d ago

This game sounds awesome. I'm very happy they seem to have done justice to the DOOM name.

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