FeedonPS3 NHL 09 Demo Impressions

With today's PLAYSTATION Store update, a demo for NHL 09 was released. Don't forget that NHL 09 will be reviewed after release! Be sure to check it out. Check out Stallone1993's impressions for the demo after the break.

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DA_SHREDDER3730d ago

But I must say that I hate the shooting mechanic. Not that it doesn't work, but it makes you do to many things at once. Also, Im the kinda gamer that uses invert for everything. I just cant get used to it if I tried. I think maybe the hardcore perfectionist types will like this NHL 09 better then 2K9. I wish I could get used to the controls though. 2K9 is just alot more easier for me to play, and in that ends up being more fun for me.

There is nothing wrong with either of these versions though. I just pretty much goes down to your preference. People who think they want a simulation of hockey, go with 09. Ive looked in forums every where and Ive seen people say that 2K is more of a simulation type. Its not,, and Im glad. To me the arcady feel is way better, it feels like a video game,, not something that you have to work too hard for. Even my brother who doesnt game as much as me prefers the 2k over 09. It just feels so much smoother,, but I guess thats will all the 2k games.

Also, one last thing. I used to be a big fan of EA. I mean, it was Madden and Live every year for 8 years straight. Nothing even came close, but things have changed. The hardware has changed, and EA is still in ancient days where they feel internet isnt that big of a deal. Every EA game I bought this year and last has been a total lag fest. From Army of 2, to Nba Live 08, to Madden 09. I mean how many games do I have to buy before I realize that EA really could give 2 craps about my social life on my ps3?

Sorry for making this long, but Im just trying to make sure you people are informed and not make the same mistakes I have made in the past. Ive been on house arrest for a year now, and pretty much video games is all I have to pass time. These laggy servers, mics gettin cut, and getting kicked from games has made me really upset at EA for no other reason but because its only their games that I always have problems with.

I mean sure,, even games like COD4 have their moments, but its not like COD4 just isnt playable like EA makes their games online. Its not just the online either, just play the demos to Nba and nhl 2k and EA's games against each other and you will see that the 2k games just simply have smoother gameplay, and thats what sports is all about. I pretty much gave up on EA and I swear on my life that I will never buy another EA game after Mercs 2. Im done with EA for good. I dont care if they fix their servers either. Its all about quality, and they have bit me in the ass too many times for me to care about their games anymore. The End. lol.

Stallone19933730d ago

Shredder, I agree with you on the part about the online servers not being so great. I can't wait til release day to see how they did it on this one, because the EASHL is a big thing and I don't think they're going to miss with it. However, only one point I disagree with you on, NHL 09 does feel a LOT smoother. If you play 08 and go to 09, the colors are way more vibrant, but at the same time the gameplay is very smooth and no drops in framerate what-so-ever

DA_SHREDDER3730d ago

You must live in Canada dude. Football and basketball are the games the Americans care about the most, yet these two sports always get the third degree when it comes to laggy servers online. And another thing. I didnt say NHL 09 was a bad game, I said it was more of a simulation and thats why I liked 2K better, because it isnt so technical. I personally love simes I just suck at them. I like a game that is just fun to play without having to be a master at the game just to play against good players.