Shadow Complex Remastered Review - New Look, Same Fantastic Platformer | Short Pause

Short Pause: "Frankie's review of the critically acclaimed metroidvania platformer,
Shadow Complex Remastered. How well does this classic hold up after the
receiving the remaster treatment? Read on to find out!"

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TheDude791284d ago

It is a pretty fun game, even if it does feel a tad dated. The metroidvania elements are well done here, and searching around the map is very rewarding. Can't help but think of Nathan Drake all the time because of Nolan North's presence lol.

gangsta_red1284d ago

I heard there was a sequel to this game just sitting on a shelf waiting for someone to pick it up and publish it. If this is true then I have to wonder what the hell!

TheDude791284d ago

With the sensational reviews this game got and the large fanbase, if there is a sequel sitting on a shelf, I'll see your "WTH?" and raise you a "WTF?" Hopefully this remastered sold well enough to indicate to the publisher that it would be financially wise to move forward with it!

Majister-Ludi1284d ago

I didn't know that. I would have to agree I love metroidvania games like this. Extremely polished fun to look at and play would love a sequel.

tazmeah1284d ago

My top 3 favorite Metroidvania games:

Symphony of the Night
Shadow Complex

I was so pumped to see this finally come to PlayStation 4. I heard many people speaking highly of it when it released on PC and then Xbox One. I picked it up immediately and it was great to see the updated visuals to go along with that classic gameplay. Love it

gangsta_red1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

If you like those games try Axiom Verge.

It's on PS4/PC! It should be coming to Xbox One, but right now that is the game if you like that design.

It has old school 8-bit like graphics though...don't know if that is a turn off for you.

TheDude791284d ago

I second this....Axiom Verge is fricking fantastic. Has all the awesome tropes of a Metroidvania game and one hell of a kickass soundtrack to boot!

Kingdomcome2471284d ago

I just played this for the first time, and loved it. If you like the genre and haven't yet done so, do yourself a favor and play Ori. It's a fantastic Metroidvania game, and just in general.