What Naughty Dog Means to Me

Jeremy Writes: While the Playstation 2 was known for many great things for a lot of people, for me, it will always be Jak and Daxter.

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WelkinCole1853d ago

Good read. Interesting. Personally I never sell my console or games. Have them from the Atari days and I can't really let go of games or console I love as they are a big part of my childhood. In that sense I can identify. Then again its easy for me because I can afford it and I know its not the same for everyone.

Interesting as well your youth and identification with consoles specifically last gen. I guess with the rise of mp it really did create a sub culture and like another world. To be fair I never gotten into MP as much as everyone else. Part of it is time but mostly I was brought up with SP games.

Its great though and I am sure ND would be really happy with your experience with their games and all the best for your future.