RAZER Opens San Francisco Store

RAZER has announced the opening of a new store in San Francisco dedicated to their products and allowing users to try many items before they buy.

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Poli_Games1274d ago

This is a pretty awesome idea!

Garethvk1274d ago

Nice idea for consumers but I have found them less than ideal to work with. They are big on come meet us at show so and so and post this news release. We will send you this and that. Then after they get coverage they cry poverty and say we do not send out review material. So you mention conversations you had with reps at shows and they again cry poverty. Then you go on FB and see cosplayers cooing about the box of goodies Razer just send them.

PixelGateUk1274d ago

not really keen on the newer stuff, gets a bit gimmicky

Garethvk1274d ago

Steelseries, Turtle Beach, Logitech, and Kingston have done a great job with stuff.