Nathan Drake VO Is Interested In Reprising His Role If Sony Decides To Make A New Uncharted Game

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's ending was fantastic. It was a perfect send off for Nathan Drake and the rest of the cast in the Uncharted series and as far as Naughty Dog are concerned, A Thief's End was the final Uncharted game.

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ArchangelMike1281d ago

Unchated 4 is definately my best Uncharted experience, just beating out Uncharted 2. BUT... please let it go now. No spin-offs, no prequels, no movie tie-ins. Please just let Drake sail into the sunset. Lets remember him from his best adventure, and not from some half-baked follow-up that was outsourced to a second rate dev.

FullmetalRoyale1281d ago

Agreed. I say this with a love for the characters, and the upmost respect for the team at Naughty Dog:
When the credits rolled I felt that I never wanted another one. That's how much they accomplished with these characters. It's over. And it's okay that it's over. It was a beautiful journey.

Cindy-rella1281d ago

If uncharted 4 is extremely successful or sell more than 12 million copies then sony would definitely make another one. I think its very likely to sell that well

Kaneki-Ken1281d ago

Well NaughtyDog mention that they open for other developers to do a Uncharted game but must follow the formula in order to be allow to make another Uncharted games. It wouldn't be bad Nathan Drake making appearance but not as playable character rather he the person that inspired the new main character to go to an adventure finding a treasure that goes totally wrong or something that doesn't involve him much.

WelkinCole1281d ago

Umm a future Nate decedent a girl this time say 200-300 years in the future going on a treasure hunt using clues from Nate himself similar to Nate and Sir Francis.

So a future setting treasure hunt action adventure with sci fi elements instead of the supernatural and or the occult.

It could work.

-Foxtrot1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

I agree but I mean Elena and Nate did go on a lot of adventures after A Thief's End. They could fit the game anywhere on there, plus a Sully prequel would be great.

If they ever did do a sequel they could always make it non canon, they could ignore Uncharted 4 and go somewhere different with it. As long as it doesn't ruin the ND timeline then people will just think of it as an alternative world.

I do hope in the future though ND or someone else remakes Uncharted Drakes Fortune with the same design as Uncharted 4. The new graphics, smoother climbing, the stealth, the icons to pick up weapons even with little things like the menu looking sleeker or the chapter titles matching the logo of the games subtitle.

KimikoGaming1281d ago

I don't think so. They agreed to go on more adventures but only if they were legal.

-Foxtrot1281d ago

And why can't you have a legal adventure lol

Skip one or two years and they'd have enough reputation, money and contacts to do things the proper way. If an enemy comes along shooting at them then they have the right to defend themselves.

jb2271281d ago

We also still have the sp dlc coming up too.

I'm wondering what route they take, Sully was a little underrepresented in the game so we could go to Portugal w/ Sully & Sam and take on the job that they mentioned, we could take Elena & Drake on the Malaysian Job or hit a completely different one.

I definitely think they kinda left those two options on the table as the main ones though. Also there was work going into a pirate section of the game under Amy's watch apparently, so maybe they could flash back & tell Tew & Avery's's really wide open. My money is on Uncharted 4: The Malaysian Job...with a little Adventures of Sam & Sully in Portugal thrown in as well. Hopefully its a meaty piece of content.

I do think that if they did continue the series they'd most likely focus on Sam & Sully and let Nate just cameo in a chapter or two...dude needs some rest, he's getting too old for this sh*t.

-Foxtrot1281d ago


Personally since we've seen enough of Sam this game I want them to fill us in how Elena and Sully got the Island. Literally pick up when Sully goes outside to comfort Elena while Sam and Nate head to the Island.

I want to see how she changes her mind, them getting to the place (surrounded by an Army, not going to be easy), Elena finding and stealing a shoreline jeep and them finding Nathan

Stealth gameplay for Elena could be used effectively here.

The thing about this story DLC idea is that it's just the right length and gives us some Sully and Elena interaction which we didn't really get this game and by that I mean just them two by themselves.

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phoenix_dusk1281d ago

That's bad for business. Uncharted is going to have spin offs cause any decent businessman knows the IP is strong and peaking right now.

DemonChicken1281d ago

There is still the upcoming single player DLC - looking forward to that just becuz we have no idea what it's going to be. Could be with Nate preque lor based on Elena/Sam/Sully during a certain point in time where in the story Nate was doing something else. Similar to Last of Us DLC.

KentBenMei1281d ago

I disagree. I think more stories could be told in the universe as spin-offs. I agree no prequels or sequels, though.

FATHASUN1280d ago


Find: Descendants of Drake community on PS4. I have created a scenario such as the one that you described. Drake being the inspiration for adventure. Nathan himself leaving behind a secret to a treasure only one of his descendants can unearth and discover.

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Benoski1281d ago

As much as I would love this, I strongly dislike the idea of Nate returning. Uncharted 4 was the perfect send off for him, and I'd hate to see it ruined with another game, whether it be a spin-off or prequel.

DragonDDark1281d ago

Maybe they could continue with the vita story?

extermin8or1280d ago

I see nate as a 55 year old or whatever coming back because his daughter has gone missing on an expedition. Bit clichéd but could make a good game. Sony would do well to setup a new studio just for uncharted though if they intend to have more made and to make sure naughty dog have involvement. It'd be bad buisnesses not to make more though.

-Foxtrot1281d ago

I honestly think they could make a spin off of Chloe and Cutter

She's a thief like Nate and you could always feature characters like Sully, Sam and the like as cameos. Even Nate and Elena could cameo because it wouldn't be their story, it would be Chloe and Cutters.

Picnic1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

DON'T SPOIL about the ending. Just don't read these comments if you don't want the story spoiling (which, to the Internet's credit) I haven't seen deliberate spoiling.

KimikoGaming1281d ago

*Massive spoilers, do not read my comment unless you have beaten U4*

If we get another Uncharted game, the only way it will include Nate is if it is another prequel. But if Naughty Dog ever does decide to make another Uncharted game, it would be cool to see it be one of the following scenarios:

- A Chloe side story
- Sam and Sully after U4
- Cassie going on some sort of adventure

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