Uncharted 4 Petition is Further Proof That Gamers Are Too Concerned About Metacritic

An enraged Uncharted 4 petition tried to get a negative review taken off Metacritic, which is why we should all stop paying so much attention to the site.

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TwoForce1282d ago

Maybe it true, but when the guy from website who just complain with no reason. That's where we question the person. Metacritic was a joke from past till this day.

WelkinCole1282d ago

Never mind the review itself. The fact there was no score but Meta gave one instead his highly unprofessional.

fluxmulder1282d ago

Metacritic did not make up the score. It was the score given to them by the Washington Post:

WelkinCole1282d ago

If that is the case then it is fine. How anyone would score U4 a 4/10 though is still quite unbelievable but that is separate. So WP gave a score to Meta. They should have stated this and show on their actual review unless they are gutless to do so.

OB1Biker1282d ago

If there was no score in the review itself to start with and then they provided MC with a score separately afterwards to make it count it doesn't seem right either.
I agree though that MC is irrelevant and people should stop referring to it.

bouzebbal1282d ago

I understand that developers want to have the highest score possible everywhere, it surely motivates for the following project. This doesn't concern anyone of the gamers who are only there playing games.. Their reaction is pathetic and laughable.

ninsigma1282d ago

Yeah seems like it wasn't metacritic who added it which is a relief. However I do agree with OB1. It was published on Washington post without a score. I disagree with then giving metacritic a score that you haven't published. Something else to add to the list of reason why I don't like metacritic.

extermin8or1281d ago

Still not fine, the review shouldn't be counted due to its complete lack of any professional standards. Just like when doing a science study if you have a few data points that are so far off the rest and especially if you have an explanation for what went wrong to produce them (in the reviews case bias from the reviewer) you count them as anomalous (hate spelling that word... Or trying to anyway) results and don't include them in averages etc.

DragonKnight1281d ago

The author forgets that publishers are concerned with metacritic and base whether or not devs receive a bonus on metacritic scores. That's the real problem and that's why metacritic has to go.

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mark_parch1281d ago

i boycotted metacritic ages ago as all it does is fuel the console war and give ammo to the fanboys. its not hard to find a few sites that you trust and have similar tastes and standers to you. the only reviewer i use now is ACG on youtube. ive also noticed there're loads of legit critics which metacritic don't use and this isn't the first time this has happened horizon 2 got two really low scores which stopped it getting 90 that said i think its pathetic how some of the ps4 community has reacted to this

phoenix_dusk1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Maybe if he read the article in question, then the writer could have a good idea what's the fuzz is about.

Just unfortunate that the current journalism we are being punished to read doesn't require the writer to go to the crux of the problem, you just blog it.

Such an easy job, right, craveonline writer?

And mind you, gaming is not a job, it's a hobby. BUT OFCOURSE, the writer have to say shit as if he knows us.

gangsta_red1282d ago

So what is the problem? The game currently stands at a 93 with the absolute majority of reviews being fantastic.

And the fact that there is a petition to remove one, uno, review from Metacritic is why this and other articles are popping up. This is why these so called journalists are confused or dumbfounded. Because it makes absolutely no sense for all this fuss or concern over a game that is basically an A+ to be fought over one negative review.

Maybe it's you who should read this article and see where this person is coming from. The overreaction is mind blowing and I seriously can't believe myself that this is even a huge topic.

WelkinCole1282d ago

You and this so called journalist completely miss the point. Not surprise you would.

Borma1282d ago

If the review is satire then why can't Metacritic just remove the review and everyone can move on with their lives. There shouldn't even be the need for a petition to be started. Woops, we included a satire review, it's now removed, our bad. That should've been all there is to it.

Liqu1d1282d ago

The review didn't have a score yet Metacritic gave it one anyone. That's the problem, though it isn't surprising that you don't think it's a problem.

Realms1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

The problem is that there needs to be standards if you work for an editorial. It's not like he's some blogger on a no name website. As far as the game being at 93 it should be at 94 because ND worked hard to make U4 a great game to let some trolling as writer affect their work. As much as hate to say it a lot of people go to metacritic to see scores and it affects ND bottomline even if it's already scored pretty well. So if all of a sudden you get to tons of writers saying U4 is garbage are we suppose to agree even though I have been playing games since I was 5 and know the difference between a good game and a bad one. Damage control is unreal the fayboyism and trolling is out of control.

gangsta_red1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Where is it stated the review is satire?

So metacritic gave it a score...and now it's a sinister 93. No, I actually don't think it's a problem.
Besides Washington Post gave Metacritic the score to publish

Please show me where the metascores will affect ND's bottom line? Please point to where going from a 94 to a 93 will cripple ND employees who worked so hard on the game and because of this score that Metacritic gave them Christmas will have to be postponed for a few years.

"So if all of a sudden you get to tons of writers saying U4 is garbage are we suppose to agree even though..."

But we aren't...seriously...what we are getting is tons of writers saying U4 is FANTASTIC. You all are taking one bad review and going completely off the rails with it.

"I have been playing games since I was 5 and know the difference between a good game and a bad one."

Then what's the problem?

ziggurcat1282d ago


Next to the author's name, it says "Comic Riffs". In other words, it's not a serious review, it's a comedy/satire piece. So, this one, uno, review isn't even a legitimate review. That's the problem.

1282d ago
gangsta_red1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )


That is the section in the Washington Post that reviews Movies, Games and other forms of entertainment. If you click on that you would actually see that. It's not satire.

He has reviewed games before and the review piece was submitted Metacritic by the Washington Post, they gave meta the score for them to print.


"...the game was the highest rated original game of this generation, now it's not."'s a ninty-friggen-three! Exactly what is bad about that?

OB1Biker1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

There was no score to start with and it was added afterwards to make it count in MC.
I don't think it's a huge 'problem' so to speak but the incompetence of journalists has been a growing problem for a while now and I'm happy gamers react to that sort of fishy stuff happening. Gaming journalist sadly have become used to be arrogant and use the 'it's my opinion and I share it' attitude to dodge any negative feedback they get. They basically make a livelihood from the readers and when they get overwelmingly bad feedback they are like 'how dare you giving bad feeback on our job?'. You also can see many sites putting the blame on gamers and listing a collection of obscenities from 'gamers' comments to dodge any issues.
MC and that reviewer deserve all the backlash they get from gamers even if I agree it's no big deal at all.
I find it more worrying when the media snap at gamers for being 'immature' or the like instead of acknowledging the right for readers to give bad feedback.

Septic1281d ago Show
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battleFROnt1282d ago

used as a marketing tool..
many have been brainwashed into thinking a game is as good as its meta score..
a collection of opinions doesn't change what they are, opinions. Whether they're paid to do it or not.

how many of you have been burnt in the past?
you go out and buy a game based on the raving reviews hype and marketing.

You pop the game in trying your best to like it only to realise you're playing garbage.. at least, what you perceive to be garbage.

81BX1282d ago

Exactlly! Stop crying about one stupid review. Kids these days will whine about anything they dont agree with.

Angainor71282d ago

Metacritic is the biggest joke and plague in the industry.

Rimeskeem1282d ago

I was trying to find this before and I finally did

gangsta_red1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Complain about the contracts being influenced by outside effects then.

Do you know what an average engineer makes? Sorry if I don't lose any sleep over one of these guys not getting a bonus.

Magnes1281d ago

@G red I'm sure when someone goes out of their way to negatively effect your life/career you toss up your hands and say "oh well thems the breaks". Judging by the way you are in all the articles about this subject dropping comment after comment I'd say you would pursue those who wrong you with as much enthusiasm. Lets be real here when your peers in the review business give a game overwhelming positive reviews and you drop a stinker of a review like this person did, well you took the spray can and put the target on yourself.

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DarkZane1282d ago

As much as I don't pay attention to metacritics, in this case the review in question was satire. Their real score was actually 8-9/10, but somehow metacritics took the 4/10.

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