Is World of Warcraft Dying?

The World of Warcraft movie could help topple the WoW empire.

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1274d ago
XtaZ1274d ago

No. It is still a cash cow for blizzard and it's also still the most successful MMORPG out there. But player vise it's glory days are definitely over. Blizzard need to fucking realize that they are probably not going to get 12 million subscribers ever again and cut down on the amount of servers. The current player base is spread so thin across all the servers that used to host 12 million that almost all of them are at low population status now and the world and cities feel completely dead.

pompombrum1274d ago

The movie will have little impact on WoW I think. The majority of the cinema goers are going to be Blizzard fans and former/current WoW players. Any new players the game attracts will soon leave, the game just isn't new player friendly anymore. Heirlooms for starters, any new player who dares to rub shoulders with existing players will feel vastly inferior and most likely be constantly reminded it by the toxic community, especially in dungeon finder and God help any of them stupid enough to even dare queue up for pvp. Then the ability prune that has already taken place over the last few expansions (which also looks set to get far worse next major patch) they've completely taken the fun out of the low level experience. 1-40 in particular is ridiculously dull now with so few buttons in the rotation. Maybe new players won't mind as much but early leveling is nowhere near as good as it used to be when you'd have a new exciting ability to play with every few levels.

pintar321274d ago

Bring it to consoles. I would play it.

HexxedAvenger1274d ago

not when it's on the verge of launching a new expansion. Subscriptions will shoot up and 5-6 months go back to where it usually goes and the cycle will begin a new.