Capcom Now Prioritizing "Completeness," Even If That Means Delays

"After Street Fighter 5's struggles, Capcom has a new plan in store. Following Capcom's recent acknowledgment that Street Fighter V had a "lack of content" and "needed more polish," the company outlined a plan to work on games longer to ensure they are ready for launch. Now, CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto has shed more light on that new process.

Capcom is prepared to delay games if they need more time, Tsujimoto said as part of a Q&A session at the company's latest earnings report. The English translation of this session was published today [PDF] on Capcom's website." By Eddie Makuch

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gangsta_red1274d ago

That is good news. I like to think this was one battle where the gamer won.

rdgneoz31274d ago

Yah. Who knew that gamers wanted complete games to begin with?

gangsta_red1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I personally always thought it was a good idea. But I didn't know how others felt.


XtraTrstrL1274d ago

LOL, baby steps Capcom, you're learning. Now add 'Daily Targets' to SFV so it doesn't look like the obvious setup to rip us off in the near future, by not giving us the ability to realistically earn enough FM to keep up with any content(cuz Hard/Extreme Survival is not very practical, I've seen too many pros fail repeatedly even), without buying $$Zenny$$.

Fin_The_Human1274d ago

I actually applaud Sony fans and they have my respect for boycotting SFV.

No game is worth buying at full price when it only 30% compete.

HipHopGamer must feel like a tool right now since he was defending Capcom with his life.

Tetsujin1274d ago

They should have done this a long time ago. There's no excuse for a company like Capcom to half deliver games, then "hope" the customers buy into season passes and 1/3 of games for that extra sale.

pompombrum1274d ago

The ever intelligent CEO of Capcom sharing his pearls of insight and wisdom, who would have thought that prioritizing on completing finished products would lead to more sales? What an absolute revelation /s

CrimsonWing691274d ago

Can't believe it took them this long to come to this realization...honestly what person doesn't know not to pull out something half-baked in the oven?

Fin_The_Human1274d ago

What do you expect from a company that gave you like 30 versions of SF in one one.

BillytheBarbarian1274d ago

All companies need to do this instead of relying on patch updates after release. It's one thing gamers didn't deal with on console before the Xbox 360.

phoenix_dusk1274d ago

Well, the problem is fans, trolls or both combined(most especially the loud ones) uses delays as some form of catchphrase, quick memes to enrage the community and devs as well. Think if those are cut down to a minimum then devs will be more.willing to delay games in order to maximize development.

Ol_Boy1274d ago

The player base isn't the one to blame. If these companies would've chosen to wait to announce a game when they're certain it would be completed by the set date instead of trying to create bs hype and then scramble to try to get it out in time to beat the competition, you wouldn't have all these delays which is the reason said trolls and angry gamers make those memes you speak of in the first place.

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The story is too old to be commented.