What Battlefield 1 Needs to Get Right

An evaluation of the Battlefield series' recent mistakes and which it needs to avoid for Battlefield 1.

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phoenix_dusk1282d ago

They just need to fulfill people's expectations.

detroitmademe1282d ago

So the article says that the next battlefield should have less guns and maps and this would help battlefield be what we've all been waiting for. I couldn't disagree more. To me battlefield should just get back to being itself. Battlefield 3 felt like it was trying to be to much like cod. it just had more of a casual/generic shooter feel to it. One example that the article didn't even mention is destruction. The destruction in battlefield 3 seemed to regress from bad company 2 and destruction is one of the things that made battlefield what it is. Just do what battlefield does best and expand on that and everything will be fine