Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer – A PlayStation 3 Game In A PlayStation 4 Disguise

Joshua, from XOTV, discusses the multiplayer in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and how disappointed he is that it feels so similar to Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception.

Genuine-User2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

"There is barely any expansion on the core fundamentals of Uncharted 3"

Title and the above sentence are ambiguous and false. The core fundamentals of Uncharted 4 have been greatly enhanced.

NX Gamer:

"There's far, far more going on in the multiplayer. Animations are absolutely top notch, the 16ms frame time means that samples rates are very high, adding in conjuction with procedural animations great blending, high key frame count and skeletol frames mean that all character movements feel and look, not only natural but convincing.

You can see the same care and attention we see in the single player, from idle animations, cover reactions when shot at to the swinging. The collision interactions are incredibly natural.

If you pay attention, you can also see the pivot point in skeletol rigs as you get shot or react, from changing hands and reloading the guns, even moving the rope over your head."

And let's not disregard what is quite possibily among the best things about Uncharted 4; its fantastic gunplay. It's most probably the best controlling third person shooter on the market, in my opinion. I have played almost every single third person shooter and the closest thing to UC4 is MGSV.

While we're at it, the weapons sound absolutely fantastic.

"The hook rarely feels useful and its addition has been woefully implemented, with it frequently breaking the perfect visuals when in use."

Hook woefully implemented and breaks visuals, Care to elaborate?

"some of those areas are so far detached from where the core action is that one can’t help but wonder why Naughty Dog bothered."


"It feels forced, clunky and completely unnecessary."

To each his own, but I completely disagree, especially after traversing through some of the maps and pulling many rope swing takedowns.

"When I could buy an ability I would have to do finger gymnastics to purchase and then use it"

This is just pathetic; Anecdotal fallacy.

"Change for the sake of change… that’s never the best kind, and yet that’s what’s on display here."

First you say the above in regards to boosters and mysticals, and then you shortly follow it with "Why not go further with the store mechanic and make it so that players can upgrade their guns throughout each match?"

Make your mind up pal.

"Putting shiny new graphics on the same game simply doesn’t cut it!"

True, but that is simply and unequivocally not the case in regards to Uncharted 4.

There's so much in your opinion piece that I can contest towards but I'll leave it for another day.

slappy5082981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Yeah looks like a load of twaddle to me, ranting for the sake of ranting. Ive been having a blast with the multiplayer so far. And uhm... does XOTV = Xbox One TV? lol

MasterCornholio2981d ago

It really is called Xbox One TV?

That explains everything then.

BossBattle2981d ago

No its not a Xbox site. They have too many playstation games on their site.

Why o why2981d ago

Aint these the same guys that wrote that other tripe a couple days back. They're on a smear campaign. The lengths supporters go to isn't at all surprising anymore. Massive damage control at its lowest best.

Kiwi662981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Not sure that it means xbtv as they do game reviews for playstation, xbox, nintendo & pc as well as movie & tv reviews, technology & e-sports

Inzo2981d ago

"does XOTV = Xbox One TV? "

I was wondering the same thing.

nX2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

A strange hate piece from 'Xbox One TV' that noone can agree with.... I can't help but think that Microsoft's marketing department went a little too far with this one.... wouldn't be the first time.

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badz1492981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Wow...this is kinda a new low of journalism. How is the MP a PS3 game in disguise? I've played both enough to say that UC4 MP has been a smoother experience out of the 2. Although I do miss the dynamic map design from 3. It's certainly not "the best MP EVER!!" by any means but it does the job well and it's really enjoyable for all skill tree level.

Wanna know what is actually a last gen game in disguise? Gears 4 MP! I bet they praise it to heaven's high for sticking to the old formula! But guess what, the formula is so old, the game actually looks like a 360 game! I know it's still a beta but come on! There...I said it!

sammarshall1022980d ago

If Gears is last gen multiplayer then so is Uncharted 4 and the same can be said about the looks

MRMagoo1232981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I would just ignore Xbox one TV, it's a salty xbone fanboy website hating the fact ps4 is absolutely dominating the competition (I use the term competition very very loosely because it's not even close to a competition)

edit: don't listen to bossbattle either another Xbox fanboy

Inzo2981d ago

Good for you, you really dissected this guy and his lackluster journalism .

Gazondaily2981d ago

Weren't you deriding another tps for the lack of meaningful changes made to it and then called this the best tps mp on the market? lol brilliant 😂

MRMagoo1232981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

weren't you the one pretending to be some neutral high ground commentator when bubbles existed? lol brilliant😂

p.s also where's your bf gangsta red ? it's unusual to see one without the other.

edit: if you think I was declaring love I think I'd rather not join you in any mp games on psn actually, what ever floats your boat and all that so you are fine to be that way inclined but no thanks.

Gazondaily2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )


Yo don't be jealous man. Don't declare your love and obsession for me so openly 😂

The UC mp is half decent but nothing stellar at all. I just find the forced love and declaration by shills quite hilarious tis all. Heck, you can join me for a few games of the mp if you want

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sammarshall1022980d ago

Exactly! How did Uncharted 4 multiplayer reinvent the wheel

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2981d ago
XOTV2981d ago

Hello Genuine-User,

Thank you for providing you feedback, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond! My name is Joshua, I am the EiC of XO.TV and I'm also the writer of the article! It's a pleasure to meet you!

To address some of your issues:

I appreciate that you may consider changes to graphics a change in gameplay, however we at XO.TV don't. Everything you listed from the NX Gamer article is about changes to animation and graphics, not the core fundamentals of the game (gameplay).

With regard to the hook being useless, I do elaborate on this sentence. In fact you even quote me elaborating on it. Also I don't believe that traversal is going down to the bottom of a map to hook a lamp-post which then swings you around a car. If you do though, that's great!

Your comments about "anecdotal fallacy" are interesting to me, because the article is clearly marked as an opinion piece both on this site and on the XO.TV website.

Unfortunately your entire comment didn't disprove my point that "Uncharted 4 Is A PlayStation 3 Game In A PlayStation 4 Disguise". In fact, one of your key pieces of evidence was talking about the graphics... If anything you proved me right. Uncharted 4's multiplayer is exactly the same as Uncharted 3's because the only new feature you could highlight are changes to graphical features.

I'm glad you're enjoying Uncharted 4's multiplayer! We're sorry that our own opinions couldn't fall in line with your own. None-the-less, I appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback!

I hope I addressed some of your concerns!

Kind regards,

joeorc2980d ago


Indie studio head rating other developers and publishers work...thumbs up

MRMagoo1232980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

ahhhh so rubbish dev jealous of naughty dog.....you know if you guys spend more time developing your game making skills rather than troll article "skills" you might make a decent game in a decade or so.

sammarshall1022980d ago

Great analysis and explanation for said analysis

Gazondaily2980d ago

Nice reply but only expect ad hominem attacks not replies of substance. Tbh they don't even deserve the courtesy of a mature response imo.

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ravens522980d ago

Isn't this the site that gave Uncharted 4 a 6/10...

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ninsigma2981d ago

I'd have thought the new powers would have changed it greatly! Not to mention the rope swing and sliding down some terrain. Only played a bit of 3s MP and haven't played 4s MP a part from the beta but there is a fair bit different IMO.

Aloy-Boyfriend2981d ago

Wao Xbox One TV, again with the U4 hate?

Such desperation for attention.

BossBattle2981d ago

It's not a Xbox site. It includes all consoles.

2981d ago
joeorc2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Who are they?
Well Joshua here is one the heads of an indie studio


2980d ago
Rimeskeem2981d ago

I personally think they added too much to the MP. I would like a game mode with no side kicks or mythicals. But I certainly see why the game i fun for many people.

Jayszen2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Joshua has defended the silly review his colleague did of Uncharted 4 and now here he is deriding the UC4 MP:

"There is barely any expansion on the core fundamentals of Uncharted 3"
"The hook rarely feels useful and its addition has been woefully implemented, with it frequently breaking the perfect visuals when in use."
(Traversal) "...feels forced, clunky and completely unnecessary."

Each of the above statements is untrue and Joshua is either is really poor at playing Uncharted MP and is trying to divert blame onto the game or that his site has an agenda when it comes to the PS4 exclusive. I rather think it is the latter.