Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Has Sold 800,000 Copies Since Release

WGTC writes: Capcom's remaster of Resident Evil 0 has sold a respectable 800,000 units since launching in January of this year, the company has announced.

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Kurisu1273d ago

I haven't played this game for ages. I should go back to it but I can't find the motivation to boot it back up.

_-EDMIX-_1273d ago

You should consider picking up the remaster they did an absolutely amazing job with it! I would say it's closer to a remake considering all the redone models.

Kurisu1273d ago

That's the version I've got. Never played the original version.

RosweeSon1273d ago

I was going through some old games about 6-12 months ago and thought yeah Zero needs to be done can't see it coming to other consoles at any point no sooner do it finish it on the GameCube do they announce this haha typical.

ifistbrowni1273d ago

I bought the Remaster for PS4 day 1 of it's release. like I did with Resident Evil HD.... I haven't even touched either one. I plan to, but I mostly bought them to support the idea of a RE2 and RE3 HD. Those two games were awesome.

RosweeSon1273d ago

Haha not just me then I'll get round to them at some point but I won't lie it's all about Resident evil 2 for me really want to play a new version like these other 2 but for the main event Resident Evil!!.. 2!

hemmo19861273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I loved Resident evil 1 remake. But zero I just couldn't get into. Think it was the dual character gameplay and the boss fights.

Might boot it up again and try to get into it. Maybe if I get further it will improve.

Kurisu1273d ago

Yeah, I'm not keen on the dual characters, either. It's annoying having to constantly switch items around in the inventory, and I think there should have been an item storage box in the save rooms. I know you can leave items wherever and pick them back up but still, a box would have made management a bit easier.

Atomicjuicer1273d ago

I missed this around the time it came out on gamecube so I picked it up on PS4 and its amazing!

Its like time travelling back to when games didnt have hints and notifications and linear play.

Back tracking, using my brain and a real sense of atmosphere.

Not sure about the dual character thing but definitely worth a look.

gantarat1273d ago

i hope capcom bring Rebecca and Billy back in resident evil revelations 3

fitfox1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

good, this game deserves more attention

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