Top Ten Legend of Zelda Series Themes

Phil writes, "The Legend of Zelda series celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. While the major game in the series for Wii U (and now NX) has been delayed to 2017, that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy the anniversary. SuperPhillip Central has been doing just that with some special lists and features based off Nintendo's illustrious franchise. Today, we'll be diving into The Legend of Zelda franchise's most notable and enjoyable musical themes. For a look (or rather, is it a listen?) at some of the more underrated themes that I love in The Legend of Zelda series, stay tuned for a special top ten list later in the week! After you've seen and heard my picks, what are your favorite Zelda themes?"

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RuleNumber51275d ago

Yeah, can't disagree with number one, it's so perfect.

NukaCola1275d ago

Wind Waker opening is just splendid for me.

Alexious1274d ago

I just loved that art style!

Nyxus1275d ago

Ballad of the Wind Fish!

EddieNX 1275d ago

It blew my mind when I heard Ballad of the Goddess played backwards and I think its my fav for that reason

Fierce Musashi1275d ago

Song of Storms is a personal all time favorite.

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