Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF7 Remake Prove Game Announcements Need a Rehaul

Fans have been wanting Kingdom Hearts 3 and the FF7 Remake for a long time. But the lack of a real release window is annoying and needs to change.

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AngelicIceDiamond1283d ago

Sony, MS and other major publishers have this problem since this gen started. Announce AAA games only to make us wait longer than we have to. Either announce the game and have it release in the next 6 months to a year or not announce it at all. Or at least tease the game.

GigawattConduit1283d ago

This gen can best be summed by a pic I took at Best Buy a couple months back that still had the original release dates for Mighty No 9, Uncharted 4, Deus Ex, and Battleborn.

Drithe1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

How about that Mighty No.9! Didnt it come out 6 months ago? Oh ... wait.

_-EDMIX-_1283d ago

I mean at the end of the day every situation is different and that's actually at the discretion of the people that own that game not you or I.

Some games could work well with a six-month window of announcement and release some games need a longer window for the company to gauge excitement and gain possible investors during development.

Some of the stipulations by investors are that the game is announced before full development so they can gauge if the game is worth their investment sometimes it's not in the control of the company I'm sorry but releasing a game in six months after reveal is a luxury that only a few Publishers could really do most companies cannot make the game in secret for years on end just because you don't like to wait. At the end of the day the prices of these developments are so massive a single failure of some of these Triple A games could keep the company in bad standing for a very long time.

People are upset and in tears because they have to wait for a game are also not the ones paying near 100 million dollars for the game's development so I'm sorry but unless any of you guys are footing the bill for these games I don't really think it makes sense to be trying to suggest how they should be marketing their investment. if this game doesn't do well it's just another article on n4g for you, but if it doesn't do well for the company people are out of the job. Because of the massive undertaking that games are I believe that a six-month window could only work for a very very small amount of ips where most games are going to need a year-and-a-half to a year to Market if not even longer because of their financial situations once again not everyone is the same all of these companies are not all just working in silence they cannot afford that luxury and you guys seriously need to stop using Bethesda as this example on how a game should be released many games are not going to be as well known as The Fallout series.

I'm okay with the game releasing six months after its reveal but I am also OK with a game be announced years prior to its release because I also fully understand all developers are not in the same situation they all don't have the same funding they all cannot afford to just risk an extremely huge project by working on it in secrecy.

Who is the found this secret project? How many investors or even Bank do you really think you're going to find a game that's completely done in secret? A lot of them want not only proof-of-concept they want to gauge the reaction of the install base and they won't even put a penny down on a project that no one's ever heard of.

Consider this would any of you? So you're going to back a game that's been made in secret for years and years and it's going against another game releasing in the fall that has been already announced it has full momentum for several years the likeliness is your 6 months is not going to go against their several years of marketing. Sometimes it is necessary to market a game to get funding to complete it in the first place.

Orejillz1283d ago

I agree. The wait sometimes makes me just lose interest.

GigawattConduit1283d ago

tbh they should've had another FFXV style announcement to show these games off in full.

_-EDMIX-_1283d ago

Lol my interest is playing the game in general it matters not to me when the game releases, it just matters that I want to play it. At the end of the day it sounds more to me like you're more interested in the date it's releasing than the game itself you please have to explain to me the logic of this lol.

If waiting for something makes you lose interest I have to question exactly why you're actually gaming for.

jambola1283d ago

"If waiting for something makes you lose interest I have to question exactly why you're actually gaming for."
You're kidding right? are you a troll? be honest?

is the idea of someone losing interest from waiting too long really such a difficult thing to grasp?

_-EDMIX-_1282d ago

"is the idea of someone losing interest from waiting too long really such a difficult thing to grasp?" Yup.

For me bud, I've waited years for games too, don't really care. I've never just changed my mind based on waiting um "too long". At the end of the day, a good game is a good game. Some of you sound like you guys are more interested on WHEN you will be playing it, then playing it at all.

skcej1283d ago

The more times I see a game the more disappointed I am when I finally get my hands on it. Hoping it doesn't happen with these two games.

idsanty1283d ago

Remember that game that was announced for like 2018? No, right? Who does. No one.

Heyxyz1283d ago

Every game should follow Fallout 4's model.

Tobsesan1283d ago

Release the game with a Ton of bugs? Would have prefered a delay

_-EDMIX-_1283d ago

There's a huge difference between "should" and could buddy.

How many developers do you even think have the funding or luxury to even release a game in that manner?

I mean every game should release like Fallout 4 just like every game should be free, just like every game should always use the highest level of tech, just like every game should have single player co-op and multiplayer..... I mean are we just asking for unrealistic things or?

Because your statement very much sounds like it's an extremely unrealistic post, when you say "should" it very much sounds like wishful thinking and a dream statement because I can't really fathom how it's feasible that every game could possibly release the way Fallout 4 did, not every developer all has the finances to do such a thing. Only the very biggest Publishers in the world can afford to have games made in silence for years on end and released with a six-month window.

Some of these projects are upwards to 70, 80, 90 or even 100 million. How many of the top Publishers do you really think I have that much money to sink into a single project in silence? That's only an extremely small handful that can actually do that that's not a "should" statement that is not the norm of how games release.

I mean buddy I wish the day a game was announced it was available for sale but once again can we ground ourselves with reality when asking for such things? if we're going to say we want this at least realistically base what were talking about as opposed to just going full-blown unicorns lol.

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