SOCOM Public Beta starts September 1st

The SOCOM official website writes:
"Seven days til the Public Beta kicks off.
What's your plan? Taking off work? Did you quit your job? Call up a babysitter? Prepare a fort in the front room near your PS3? Let the family know that you're gonna be in-country for a while and to just leave dinner nearby?

I've got some "down to the wire" beta info for you. I checked with the team and the beta is going to be available for download on Monday, September 1st"

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chaosatom3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

or buy Qore 1, which I haven't. :)

Why does it say seven days????????

Overr8ed3756d ago

i think its the pre-order. Woot!!!

jwatt3756d ago

I got my code and I'm ready to go.

Hagaf223756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

got my code, if some one has the lbp preorder code and hasnt shared all of theres, i will gladly share one of mine for that one...

IzKyD13313756d ago

"Why does it say seven days?"

the article was posted on the 25th

Panthers3756d ago

People who got qore get in a week late. If you want in Sept 1st, you gotta preorder at gamestop.

mikeslemonade3756d ago

What will I be doing? I will be here on N4G bashing the 360 and people who don't own the PS3. Oh yea and I will play SOCOM for hours.

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Lanontscuz3756d ago

that whole week im on VACATION!!!!! YESH!!!

saf1007923756d ago

well its the whole month not just that week

Peow3756d ago

I preordered it at gamestop last Saturday and I asked about the beta, they said to check back later. I called them today and they said that they got the codes today and the only way to get them is by going up there yourself and getting it on a piece of paper. Should they give me a disc or something? I downloaded Quore episode 1 when it came out just for the beta, but I don't think I can wait a week. :(

Phaqutomb3756d ago

the card they give you has the numbers on it that you need. So you can download and play the beta on day one. With the Quore you are also in the beta but you get it later than the people that pre-ordered the game

kevnb3756d ago

i need something to replace cod4 now.

PoSTedUP3756d ago

yea i just sold cod4 like a few days ago cause socom is coming out XD.

ZombieNinjaPanda3756d ago

Any of these betas start in the summer?

I mean during the fall, people are going to school, going to work, doing everything but sitting in front of their tvs playing games.

Wouldn't summer be smarter?

KillaManiac3756d ago

Because its a requirement to be 18+ in most beta tests. They would much rather have 1 serious mature beta tester that will report issues over 10 sixteen year old boys who just want to "test" the game.

Yes it might be going on in first few weeks of my 3rd year of college...O well, I have made time for games in the past...this one is no different.

I mean cmon, If I can make room for a long game like Disgaea 3...I can make room for anything.


Gamekilla3756d ago

and i'm SERIOUS about beta testing...

j/k i bought the beta to test the game out :D

ZombieNinjaPanda3756d ago

Good point, but I would most likely take a few 16 year olds over one serious beta tester.

The reason being is that they would be most likely to try everything out in the game, find all the little cheats and glitches.

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