Crytek Confirms Robinson: The Journey Is A Timed Exclusive For PSVR, Shares Development Update

"We do have plans for the title’s future which will see as many players as possible experiencing Robinson," confirms Crytek's Niklas Walenski.

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mogwaii1279d ago

Just more pr jargen, no real details, not worth clicking.

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Raider691279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

We will cash in first on the PSVR for obvious reasons possible bigger install base and also making the game for the PSVR first we dont have to downgrade the Rift and other more powerfull Vr set ups. Latter after cashing the console version we will get our game the too where we will show the true VR vision we have for our game...PC enviroment .... Rift,ViVE....

ScorpiusX1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

How can you be you

DarXyde1279d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I thought it was pretty obvious that Raider69 was suggesting that the VR install base could be bigger on PS4 (HINT: they specifically stated "possibly"). It is, after all, cheaper than the competition.

And let me say, your assessment of PC gamers as "die hards that upgrade at a [minute's] notice" is naive. Had you done a little research, you'd probably realize that most PC gamers don't meet the requirements to run VR. Allow me to inform you...

Oculus (the mid-range VR but low-end PC VR) recommends a GTX 1070 or 970 from NVidia and the R 390 or 290 from AMD. CPU should be an i5 (running at 2.7-3.3GHz) . According to the Steam survey, a very small fraction of PC gamers meet that requirement with the CPU being one bracket below that. In fact most gamers are clustered around the 1080p resolution. Why? Probably because their hardware is rarely powerful enough to run well beyond that.


SOURCE #2: http://store.steampowered.c...

PSVR however is made for dedicated hardware. 40M+ users which likely has a very high adoption rate for the cameras (especially since they were very hard to find early on) and PlayStation Move is pretty cheap now. Sony is actually in a pretty good position with VR. Point being, PC gamers are not as heavy investors as you think. We often hear how console gamers in the long run spend more money. That's actually subjective, but not exactly untrue either. If Ubisoft's claims are anything to go by, there's a staggering piracy rate of popular games (

So no, PC gamers are not about to drop crazy money on hardware upgrades that quickly when there's a potentially considerable piracy rate, let alone a $600 VR set and upgrading their hardware to support it. Not right away, anyway. They'll likely invest only when they need to upgrade their hardware naturally, not specifically for VR.


I see you edited your comment... No matter, the important parts of your comment are addressed in this post of mine.

You wrote something very silly and misinformed, Castillo. As long as you understand you were misinformed, I'm cool with that.

_-EDMIX-_1279d ago

How many have PC's more powerful then a PS4? The issue isn't folks that own a PC, the issue is folks that don't own POWERFUL PC's.

That is like saying "how can Alienware PC have a bigger install base then console" you are stating a set platform, against MULTIPLE platforms.

That isn't how that works bud. Companies don't see PC install base as BILLIONS of PC's, they see as what can we work with, with WHO owns WHAT coniguration.

Is that no different then when Rocksteady is looking at what platforms can support Arkham Knight? They are not saying "WOW CONSOLE has 72 MILLION CONSOLES" ie adding Wii U numbers, they are seeing they have 50 million of consoles THAT CAN support their game.

The same reason they didn't support the Wii U, is the same reason why they wouldn't support PS3, 360 or yes ,a low end GPU set up. PC has more install base yes.....but like my statistics professor always states, ask what matters and why, not merely a set number.

PC is a lot of things, a lot that isn't relevant to developers if the power isn't there.

Console is a lot of things....a lot that isn't relevant to developers if the power isn't there.

ie Rocksteady isn't releasing Arkham Knight on CONSOLE ie PS3, 360, Wii, Wii U etc, they are releasing it on PS4, XONE. Thus, we can't put the term "Console" or "PC" as a set thing.



freshslicepizza1278d ago

there is still a sizeable amopunt of pc gamers who have hardware more powerful than the ps4. all one needs to do is look at how well nvidia is doing and their new cards will also fly off the shelves.

the pc has other drawbacks, namely piracy. plus they don't have hardware makers willing to take a loss and spend huge money marketing games.

Fin_The_Human1279d ago

EDI ti answer your question every PS owner has a high end PC because according to them every time a game comes out for XB and PC they will play the PC version.

MasterCornholio1279d ago

You also don't need a high end PC to play Xbox One games unless they are badly optimized.