NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 1070, 980 Ti, 980 & 970 Comparison Guide

NVIDIA unveiled their new range of graphics cards, the 1000 series, at a press event in Austin, Texas, last week. With the GeForce GTX 1080 due to launch later this month and the GeForce GTX 1070 cards arriving in June 2016, VRFocus has dived into the line-up to offer virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts a comparison guide for the specifications of each model, and how they compare to those currently on the market.

suli123452684d ago

Lol my 2 GTX 980ti cards are perfect then!

Hydrolex2684d ago

Yea, perfect.... you got robbed son! I'm glad I waited

NegativeCreepWA2684d ago

Same here, the 980 or 980ti were a small jump from the 780ti.

suli123452683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

How did i get robbed please tell me? I get over 80fps on ultra 4k witcher 3, please tell me how I'm not gonna be able to max out every single game for the next 5 years with my specs? I have an i7-6700K at 4.6 GHz and 64GB DDRR RAM. Although this is cheaper for slightly better performance, boohoo! At least the cards are also watercool and i can overclock them both to 1450mhz so please tell me how did i get robbed again? Don't be jelly bruh, besides I'm gonna sli it when they release the 1080ti and get two of them cus i can afford to do so. But as of now my rig is 99% stronger than all the rigs that have run the most extreme 3Dmark benchmark :)

Lon3wolf2684d ago

Perfect at twice the price of a 1080?

kraenk122684d ago

If you're only half intelligent you'll sell at least one of them now.

2684d ago
poseiden212684d ago

Well with SLI you are dependent on developer use of the tool. And then the power:performance ratio for SLI usually isn't great.

In general a single powerful card is better than SLI or crossfire.

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BossBattle2684d ago

People at my job that are true pc enthusiasts say the Titan X is still more powerful having 12gigs of ram than the 1080. They say the 1080 may be able to do a few things better but overall it's not touching the Titan X. I don't know but the Titan X is almost twice the price of the 1080.

kneon2684d ago

Yes the Titan X is faster (and as you say twice the price). But there will surely be a Titan X equivalent coming based on Pascal, as well as a 1080 Ti. This is just the first round of Pascal based products.

Dasteru2684d ago

The 1080 runs at 9TF. The Titan X is only 7TF. The higher amount of ram may allow it to run higher resolutions like 4k a bit better (Hard to say for sure given the massive performance boost of the new GDDR5X ram used in Pascal. It may balance things out) but at 1080p/1440p, the 1080 will destroy the Titan X.

tee_bag2422684d ago

The 1080 officially runs at 8.2 TF and is only 22% faster than a Titan X. Making it only 25% faster than a 980ti.
VR improvements is where we're seeing the massive gains. But otherwise not worth upgrading for people who already have a 980 ti or a Titan X.
I've got a 980ti so I'll try and sit on my hands until we see Pascal big die.

Nice video here if you want to dive into the technical details rather than the PR numbers.

sarlucic2684d ago

They are right and they are wrong, the titan x is ideal for people who work in 4k video editing and the like, the 12 gigs of ram will matter then, but in gaming the 1080 smokes the titan x, it got 8 gb of memory, but it is a new faster type of memory, it is insanely easy to overclock to insane numbers according to previews, the total teraflops are higher for the 1080.

BossBattle2684d ago

I do work with video editing. I've never used the Titan for gaming.

Rhythmattic2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Same here... Plus the extra ram and 30% (approx) plus of cuda cores are just what you need for video editing....
However, as this is a games forum, the 1080 is going to be amazing for such things.

starchild2684d ago

VRAM amount is only going to affect performance at the extreme end (i.e. when you're running out of it). But 8GB is quite a good amount of RAM already and it's also the faster GDDR5X variety. For most purposes the1080 will outperform the Titan X.

Volkama2684d ago

It may be GDDR5X, but they've reduced the bus to 256bit. The Titan X and 980TI have more bandwidth. Memory bandwidth becomes significant at high resolutions. NVidia say their latest compression tech will make up the difference.

Benchmarks today should tell us how true that is.

conanlifts2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Except the memory in 1080 is quite a bit faster than the memory in the titan x. It's not a straight forward comparison. Let's wait for true bench marks.

Actually looking at it again i think the titan x memory bandwidth is Marginally higher, its the memory clock thats higher in the 1080.

WheatBread2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

They lied to you. Both pascal cards and even some of the 980 ti cards are faster than the Titan X.

BossBattle2684d ago

I doubt the 980ti can touch the Titan. Maybe on certain things because it's not a straight forward answer.

freshslicepizza2684d ago

the titan definitely has its pluses, namely so much ram but for value it doesn't stack up at all. i imagine the 1070 will be very hard to get as it will be very popular at that price.

Nathan_Hale532684d ago

Lol more RAM = moar speed. /s If it benches better than the card, it is better than it.

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XtraTrstrL2684d ago

I just contacted Amazon, cuz I built a computer last month. I had a used 980ti I put in there, it seemed to have a bit of coil whine. So, I just chatted with them to get it returned, they're giving me advanced gift credit so I can order and receive a 1080 first, then swap it out 'n return the 980 Ti. Come on 27th!!!

starchild2684d ago

Haha nice. That's going to work out very well for you.

XtraTrstrL2684d ago

Yeah, was reading up, it seems the Founders Edition for $700 isn't even OC'd. The 3rd party OC editions will be out sometime in June, so I may hold off on the stock versions coming the 27th. I might get a Gigabyte version to match my MB, considering the high overclockability of these things, and the fact I hate messing with any OCing myself - it probably makes sense to wait for one OC'd out the box with slightly better cooling. They didn't gimme a time limit on when I have to return the 980 Ti, so I'll just start playing Overwatch on the 980 Ti, then grab a 3rd party 1080 when they come around in a few weeks probably.

_-EDMIX-_2684d ago

WELL DAMN! Jealous.

Will be using a 1080 for my next build. Very excited to see the power these cards have, ITS INSANE! Even the 1070 is really, really powerful! My first high end card purchase in like 15 years lol.

Last gen, I got a HD 5770 in 2009 and went mid range as it still maxes out all last gen games, can't even touch current gen though lol. Really excited about my next build!

Majister-Ludi2684d ago

While I am perfectly happy with my current sli those new cards are mighty tempting. I think I will wait another year or two before I make the leap. Still a very exciting time for pc gaming.

TXIDarkAvenger2684d ago

Now to wait for Canadian prices...Some retail place, I think it was Canada Computers or something wants $1000~ CAD for the 1080. Sucks so much.

RedDevils2684d ago

Funny thing they didn't charge for $1,080 :P