EA: Devs Were Brought In Specifically For Battlefield 1's Single-Player Campaign

In the past, this has been a criticism of some of Battlefield's campaign, but EA and DICE are hoping this year's Battlefield will turn people's minds about single-player in Battlefield 1.

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Perjoss1283d ago

A world war campaign with strong emphasis on characters the same way Band of Brothers did it could be something truly special.

Grap1283d ago

Didn't they do it with Medal of Honor, multiplayer wan developed by dice and single player with other developer and that game flopped hard.

porkChop1283d ago

The multiplayer in the Medal of Honor reboot sucked, but the campaign was very good.

SolidGear31282d ago

Danger Close developed Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Warfighter. EA shut them down after Warfighter due to the lackluster reaction.

Paytaa1282d ago

I think DICE wasn't really sure on how to tackle the MP since they didn't want to just do Battlefield again so they created some fusion of CoD and Battlefield that was mediocre at best. Graphics were awesome at the time, but it just had little to no reason to keep playing with Battlefield and CoD already on the market.

Campaign for MoH was cool, but Warfighter was absolute trash from end to end.

WellyUK1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Danger close is now DICE LA by the way, or was turned into it.

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seanpitt231282d ago

It's probably because dice had that many games to work on all at once was way to much for them and they needed someone to come in and do the campaign while they focused on mp

battleFROnt1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

I'll believe it when I see it ..

not doubting you... but seeing is believing.

iTechHeads1283d ago

What about decent writers

Shubhendu_Singh1283d ago

People will disagree with me, (seeing how BF1 is all the hype), but COD campaigns have been generally much better than Battlefield campaigns. (well comparatively, you know)

Just imagining a full blown WW1 campaign in 2016 makes me weee~. If DICE can really pull that off I would be so glad. COD campaigns were cliches as they come (except BlackOps1 maybe), so it shouldn't be too hard to make a good one if they actually are giving a damn. Looks like they are. Will wait for reviews anyway. ^^

Hold_It1283d ago (Edited 1267d ago )


Some of them were yes. I thought World At War, Black Ops I, Black Ops II, MW1, MW2, and COD2 had some pretty good campaigns for the Military FPS genre, but I liked Battlefield 3's campaign better than the other Call of Duty games I haven't listed and thought BF4's campaign was better than Advanced Warfare, Ghosts, and MW3.

But yeah, hopefully BF1 does really well story, and gameplay wise. I sure hope so since I already preordered it for PC.

escott0131283d ago

Well...I personally believe that Bad Company 1 and BC2 had phenomenal campaigns. I loved them a lot.

dolfa1282d ago

You read my mind. CoD campaigns were well written, every campaign felt almost like a real movie story. On the other hand Battlefield was for me always more about better multiplayer at the expense of weaker single player. What i like about cod is that they can really implement good dramatic scene/scenery like they are in war movies.

kraenk121283d ago

With every new game they've promised a better campaign and it always turned out disappointing. Not gonna get my hopes up.

Kreisen1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Lets hope this time they actually mean it......jk this is EA afcourse they dont.

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The story is too old to be commented.