Why The Lack Of Outrage Over The Rise Of Video Game Fast Food Marketing

With more and more fast food chains doing video game related marketing programs, Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking where the same crusaders who were so against animated films being used in Happy Meals are when it comes to the health of gamers.

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Alexious1276d ago

It is a bit strange, indeed. Though I don't concern myself too much with such things.

Garethvk1276d ago

I think it is because when you target Disney you get tons of press. Target a gaming company, not so much.

donthate1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I think it is ridiculous to complain about others marketing plan. I get that this is unhealthy food, but stop blaming the media for your own actions. You as the parent is responsible for your own children. The majority of their success hinges on YOU the parent.

To drive a car, you have get a drivers license. Yet to have children, any moron can do it! Why? Because it is a basic human right. It is a basic human right to have children even though that child might suffer. Where is the right of the unborn child?

Did I take it too far? :)

1275d ago
hardcorehenry1276d ago

because if a person were to be outraged over marketing they would spend their entire life screaming themselves hoarse at inanimate objects. Why does the author expect that people should be outraged at such things?

Garethvk1276d ago

I am not expecting that. If you read the article it is about the double standard of the so called do gooders who are outraged that Disney would put their name on an unhealthy product yet look the other way when game companies do the same thing on products that like it or not, are unhealthy and are aimed at kids. It is because must game companies would give them the middle finger where Disney has to toe the line. Their issue is not about the food as they claim but in getting attention. If health was their concern as they claim, they why is nothing being said about this by the so called watchdog groups?

wannabe gamer1276d ago

disney is aimed at kids as their primary audience. while games have a much wider audience, of which the 25-35 age group has started to take over.

Oschino19071276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

You show a picture of DOOM which isn't aimed at kids. Also a game can sell a few million but movies especially Disney are seen world-wide by a drastically larger and more diverse audience.

How often are games even promoted by food chains? I know for a fact far more movies (mostly aimed at kids and teens) are being promoted by food chains compared to video games.

OC_MurphysLaw1276d ago

It is funny... gamer's whine and complain about advertising in games all the time. How dare they advertise stuff in my game! We hear it all the time... OMGZ they put bill boards of real things in this game or that... yet there is less than a peep about gaming advertising all over in our real world fast food places or cheesy promo commercials using in game assets. Some how that is all OK in our eyes. Its hypocritical to a comical level.

Garethvk1276d ago

Thank you for getting the point, All the do gooders protecting our health and morals seem to look the other way over this. As do the folks who did not want in game ads but want to complain about the cost of games.

rainslacker1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I don't know if it's hypocritical. People purchase a game, and would prefer not to be advertised to. A company promoting the game is not really considered offensive most of the time. They're two different issues. Advertising on fast food gives me something to read so I don't have to pay attention to other people in the restaurant. I'm not looking to read in games.

For an analogy. I don't care if Game of Thrones is advertised on my Taco Bell cup. I would have a problem if Tyrion Lannister started munching on a Big Mac and chugging a Diet Coke in the show.

Digital_Anomaly1276d ago

Because there's way more important things going on... you know like that fake tanned, racist asshat who apparently has a chance at running your country.

For the record, Canada will totally take all you amazing, non-racist super rad people who feel the need to escape should that happen. WE GOT NOTHIN' BUT LOVE FOR Y'ALL! :p

OC_MurphysLaw1276d ago

@Digital_Anomaly The point was here -> * But you are like way over here-------------------------- ---------------------> *

2pacalypsenow1275d ago

Id take Trump over living in Canada

ShaunCameron1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

LOL @ Canada being non-racist. Easy to say when it barely has anyone to be racist against. You need to get out of your Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver bubble. And this is coming from a Canadian. A visible minority to be exact.

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Surt1276d ago

What the hell you think most gamer eat when playing? They are chopping on a piece of kale?

Disney movies aimed at tots and pushing McDonald is not hard to see why parents get upset. But their is this mindset that gaming is not just for the 8 and below. And that most gamer are in their teens and up, (which also they are the ones doing the buying) and at a point that most parents cant tell em what to eat.

Garethvk1276d ago

Right but the groups are so worried about the health of all of us. No wait, only kids when Disney is involved so we can get our name all over the publications. Ironic how they stop caring when people get older and their is less publicity to be had.

Caedus5111276d ago

But when you are older you tare responsibility for what you put in your body. Kids don't know better and it's a tough conversation as a parent to explain why your little girl can't have the same Elsa toy as her friend because we don't eat at McDonalds

rainslacker1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

At the same time a lot of parents are just getting their kids this unhealthy food because it has these things they want in them, or because it's cheap and convenient, but that's another topic. At the same time, places like McDonalds knows they can appeal to kids by offering these toys. McDonalds is actively targeting kids with these promotions. McDonalds are the ones actively paying to have these toys in their meals, while with other places, they're the one's being paid to advertise for the respective company.

Most of the advertising for games is usually aimed at the 18+ audience. Taco Bell for instance has a lot of promotions where you just win prizes, but you have to be 18 or over, and the rest is just some graphic art on their cups and signage which is fairly mundane even for Mature rated games.

1276d ago
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