Xbox Store Games Start Appearing On Windows Store Ahead Of Merger

This Summer, Microsoft will release the Anniversary Update for both Windows 10 and Xbox One.One of the more important features to come with the Anniversary Update is the new universal store for the Xbox One, according to reports today, Games and Apps have begun to appear on the Windows Store ahead of a merger between the two stores.

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ninsigma1283d ago

Does this mean they're playable on pc or just that you can buy anything from Windows to xbox from the same store??

Resis7ance1283d ago

I would imagine you can play them on the PC, we'll know for sure when the update begins testing at the end of this month.

KiwiViper851283d ago

Wow, I was expecting smaller indie games but HaloMCC is huge news, no?

Resis7ance1283d ago

It is, and I imagine more big name games will follow with the update.

BitbyDeath1283d ago

Likely saving for a big E3 announcement, all digital xbox one games you own will now be available to download on PC.

Will help boost Windows Store activity and help transition users.

conanlifts1283d ago

More importantly can i download my xbox games onto pc for free and then play them.

ninsigma1283d ago

I'd like to know that as well. That would be huge!

Yetter1282d ago

lot of disagrees for a simple and totally valid question. I have a feeling it is just purchasing them for your xbox through the windows store, but I certainly could be wrong

ninsigma1282d ago

haha yeah but I've come to expect that at this stage no matter what I say :P

I think that's what it will be as well but it would be great if all our xbox stuff moved over to PC with this. Well for me anyway xD

Yetter1282d ago

(replying to your reply below)
I do think that is coming. MS is unifying the platform

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DillyDilly1283d ago

So XBOX One games on PC without the App & an XBOX ?

ScorpiusX1283d ago

Still going to need a box for certain games , don't think all Xbox one games will be on both plats .

ILostMyMind1283d ago

I think that the launch of X360's emulator for PC is near.

Drake7141283d ago

Consoles are not going to exist forever. Windows store should have been what Steam is today.