The Division - The Ultimate Phoenix Credits Guide

For those unable to purchase good Dark Zone gear in The Division, obtaining Phoenix Credits is the next best thing.

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dirkdady1281d ago

Unfortunately there really is nothing of value to buy with phenoix credits. All the level 32 items ate in the dark zone safe houses.

the_mack_attack31281d ago

Yeah agreed, I don't understand why they don't sell 204 weapon blueprints at the special gear vendor, the credits take some time to collect.

kmeck5181280d ago

as well as getting to lvl 75 to buy the blueprints as well

Cryptcuzz1280d ago

They do however sell 204 gears and weapons with predetermined stats and talents.
Most of the time they are meh, but keep an eye out for them each week, since I was glad I got that 204 AUG with Vicious, brutal and meticulous. It is a beast of a weapon and have no regrets buying it. Only regret is, I deterred my friends from not buying it. I felt like 800+ Phoenix credits was too much for me to influence anyone on spending at the time. Had I known better, I would have told each and everyone of them to farm their ass's off to get one too.

Cryptcuzz1280d ago

The best way to get Phoenix credits is in the dark zone. An evening of just running around killing the mobs/bosses/rogues for materials to craft will naturally yield Phoenix Credits as well. One can get 100+ Phoenix Credits each time, depending on how long one stays in the dark zone for. IMHO, much more fun than doing the same missions all over again, as it is more dynamic with rogues running around, able to extract weapons/gears for crafting, etc.