Study Shows eSports Professionals Are Real Athletes

A study from German Sports University in Cologne has looked at the physical side of eSports and find eSports professionals are real athletes.

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pompombrum1284d ago

The amount of time and dedication esport players put in is certainly commendable but really, comparing them to athletes is just stupid. Come back when they have to carefully monitor their nutrition, optimising their training schedule around optimal resting periods and require eight hours sleep a night.

Swiftfox1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

I think many people are unaware just how rigorous being a high end pro-gamer is. You're made to practice 8-9 hours a day everyday. When you're not practicing you are reviewing matches with your team and coach. On top of this, many teams require their players to be physically active and control their diets (I.E no sweets, energy drinks, or alcohol ) because physically active/healthy people have higher reflexes and can handle mental stress better than those who don't.

So they have to practice insane amounts (which is not fun), many have their diets controlled, and they have to stay physically active--it sounds like being an athlete to me.

ClickbaitAF1284d ago


wakeNbake1284d ago

No they're just dedicated dudebros.

PixelGateUk1284d ago

Don't mind esports, but this kind of thing is utterly ridiculous.

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