Does the Wii Balance Board Have a Future?

The market expansion brought on by the Wii is well-documented. It's also a little tiresome. So the arrival of yet-another wacky peripheral - especially one whose primary purpose is as a bathroom scale - had a certain flash-in-the-pan quality for most core gamers. As nifty as Wii Fit is, the Balance Board is so far a one-trick pony. It may not even be a particularly sprightly pony; Microsoft has been spreading the meme that 60% of Wii Fit purchasers take one lap around the plastic and then hang it up for good.

To be fair, Nintendo has tried to keep the Balance Board in the limelight. At E3, Ubisoft opened the Nintendo press conference with a baby-faced and perpetually-smiling Shaun White carving virtual snow on his ersatz snowboard in a short preview of his eponymous Christmas game debut. But other than that short bit of third-party theatrics, Nintendo has done little to disabuse us of the notion that the Wii Balance Board is destined for the same shelf-of-shame as the Wii Zapper.

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RevN8r3704d ago

I know I picked up a Wii after doing WiiFit at the in-law's. My family played it for about a month, and it's hardly been touched since. I'm not upset with my purchase, but it sure hasn't gotten the use I thought it would. Maybe a new game will bring it back to life...

Product3704d ago

I think companies will support it for a while but i also think the BB will be an added on feature like its becoming in games like Skate It,etc. where you can play without it but playing with it enhances the fun.

Voiceofreason3703d ago

That is the plan for most games that have announced BB use. Shaun white, Prize fighter, Skate it, and a couple others will offer alternate control schemes so nobody is forced to buy it unless they want to own it

dericb113703d ago

They will keep this up for the next 5 years. If the consumers get enough system then people will be able to inform each other why not to get one. I have owned one for 5 months and used it to play Brawl for 3 weeks and ain't touch it. It's sad but a lot (Not all of Wii owners) don't use them so I think there next system may tank because Nintendo has not really released a Console the tailors to everyone like the NES and SNES. For people who will disagree I am pointing out the not releasing core games for the Wii for 2-3 years. I got a Wii for Brawl so what will I play?

Voiceofreason3703d ago

The only thing you are pointing out is that you do not own a Wii and know nothing about its games. NO games for 2-3 years? Wow man you totally got what you wanted to out of what Nitnendo said and just skipped over what you didnt want to hear. Which is that those 2-3 year games are coming alter next year.. Did you really think they waited til yesterday to start them? Its a good sign when the majority of people trashing a console know nothing about it. Open zone is ---> that way