What Watch Dogs 2 Needs To Do

Here’s hoping Ubisoft pull an Assassin’s Creed 2 with the follow-up – building upon a cool concept while ironing out flaws, embracing the most exciting possibilities and serving up a phenomenal sequel to a mediocre original.

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CoNn3r_B1275d ago

What they need to do is improve Aiden Pearce, he wasn't a good or a bad protagonist, he was just bland. Making Aiden into a reformed person after the events of Watch_Dogs 1 will not only make him a better character but will also give the events of the first game some merit.

shodan741275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Pretty sure they're going with a completely new lead in the second one - and I'm glad.

When it comes to Aiden, 'bland' really is the word.

Rebel_Scum1274d ago

Thing is its a pretty hard character to portray though isn't it? How many computer geeks do you know that are pretty handy with CQC, guns and a nightstick lol.

jambola1274d ago

Can't wait for this, reall loved watch dogs, hope Aiden is in it, especially after playing bad blood