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Our final review of id Software's old-school shooter reboot is ready.

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TwoForce1281d ago

Really ? A 7.1 out of 10. From my view of the game, i think it 8.5 or 9.

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SierraGuy1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

I love cod....but playing Doom MP for an hour, then remembering it was double XP bo3...I played that and after one round got bored...Doom is so fresh....MP is awesome definitely a 9

amazinglover1281d ago

I have more of a problem with the .1 seems kind of arbitrary and pointless. I do agree with the 7 maybe would have given it a 7.5. Game felt great to play and looked amazing but by the end was tired of running from one battle arena to another which mostly consisted of shotgun till the bigger enemies came out then switched to one of 2 different weapons to use against them. They are heading in the right direction with the franchise just wish for a little more variety.

Tobsesan1281d ago

Dont worry, Sony fanboys will start a petiton and they will up the score

RedDevils1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

A multiplatform game and yet you bring a Sony fanboys trash talk to something completely unrelated.

TwoForce1280d ago

Oh fuck off, Xbox fanboy. This is multiplatform game.

SenorFartCushion1280d ago

Yeah but this is N4G TwoForce.

Clumpy1280d ago

MGS5 got a 10/10, and that game had horrible online. Oh right...Maybe they shold've delayed the multiplayer in DOOM, like MGS5 did, to get a full-on single-player review.

1280d ago
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lociefer1281d ago

i swear to god, it seems like im the only one digging the mutiplayer, i find that its the perfect mix between old and new school.But hey, thats just me

Volkama1281d ago

I clicked agree, because I think you are right. About being the only one that likes the multiplayer. :)

SolidGear31281d ago

Lolz.. well I enjoy the mp :3

Kornholic1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

Don't worry, I like the multiplayer too.

Edit: Thanks for the disagrees. I guess I don't like the multiplayer after all.

BigBosss1281d ago

I too am enjoying the living crap out of the Multiplayer, it is really fun! I brings back the good old Quake and Unreal Tournament fast paced shooter ya know! I love this game and 7.1 is a BS score...

warriors_131281d ago

I still can't believe how people compare this to old quake games. they are nothing alike.

343_Guilty_Spark1281d ago

Meh. Quake 3 arena is way better than that sorry excuse of an old school arena shooter.

Xavior_Reigns1281d ago

Not the only one, Im another.

Gitgud1281d ago

I genuinely don't get the hate, I loved the beta! it was hectic and fast paced; you don't get time to chill and that's what I loved about it. I just don't get it.

Paytaa1281d ago

I was hooked on the Alpha and Beta. Don't understand the hate for it. Anyway, need to get the full game this coming weekend after I finish Uncharted 4.

hardcorehenry1281d ago

From what I played of the beta that was my thinking exactly. Im planning to pick this one up with MP in mind.

HaMM4R1281d ago

I love the fact they complain about the single player being too old fashioned and then complain about the multiplayer having too many modern tropes. Where is the line IGN?

Clown_Syndr0me1281d ago

Freeze tag is brilliant. I find tape maps lack variation though.

Soldierone1281d ago

I love the multiplayer. Ironic thing is there are a lot of people that want COD to go back to bare bones gun on gun combat, and Doom did that. Yet they supposedly hate it? People just can't be happy, it's against life rules....

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-Foxtrot1281d ago

Some of the things they talk about are contradicting when they give the same old COD games 9/10 or 10/10 every year.

As for's a shame developers need to realise that new online additions don't belong in old school franchises. I hate loadouts

iDadio1281d ago

Because some companies have and continue to suckle on the Call of Duty teat

thekhurg1281d ago

Or maybe they don't like the run and gun as much as the cinematic presentation of call of duty single player?

Holy cow people can like things you don't and dislike things you like???????

iNFAMOUZ11281d ago

you mean halo, thats pos, cod is fine

Kleptic1281d ago

While I didn't read the review, and simply don't care what any current 'media members' think of anything anymore...I do have my own complaints with the direction they took mp, just as you said...

First...Doom never had a multiplayer identity as much as people make it out to be...multiplayer was in the originals, but insanely basic, and by no means an 'arena'. You just picked a single player map to either shoot each other...or load the campaign assets into to shoot together.

And, as mentioned, retro multiplayer vs. modern multiplayer are oil and good will ever come of trying to bridge the gap between them...and what it looks like, having not tried it (but could tell right away it would not be something I'd get into all that much), is that they didn't get the retro part right, and didn't get the modern stuff right, either...

Not to and straight up deathmatch is limited to snapmap...why these kinds of modes aren't in the official multiplayer section (which supports more players) is beyond me, as those are the ONLY true to the franchise modes that belong.

Overall it just seems like Stratton and company really truly understood series fans when designing the single player...its risky fan service for gamers that actually played the originals, when the originals were new, and for them...its unstop'ably great...the risk is that modern everything game wise will likely not get it (media included)...but, with the multiplayer, they were far more against any risk taking, and it ended up hurting it more...personally, they should chainsaw off the mp up snapmap to more assets...and put all online effort into letting the community decide what doom's mp should be.

warriors_131281d ago

you're right. the original doom had very basic mp as it was one of the first games to do it. doom eventually evolved into quake 3 which is imo the pinnacle of arena shooters. if the new soon were to have good multiplayer mechanics they should've based it off the quake series.

unfortunately for sales and accessibility, they needed to make a cod clone. and seeing how a lot of people are backing up this game on this forum it looks like they've made the right business choices. for gamers this game is trash though.

Swiftfox1281d ago

The mutliplayer portion of Doom 2016 was developed by Certain Affinity, who's previous projects include Halo 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and the Halo: Master Chief Collection. This might be why the multiplayer doesn't sit right with many older Doom players.

And yet can you blame iD for going in this direction with the multiplayer? You have games like Overwatch coming out which are very bare bones--no modern FPS tropes. Then you are told the biggest complaint about the game is no "real progression system" I.E unlocks for leveling, no customization (no load outs), etc. So there's obviously a demand for the modern elements for FPS's--or maybe people just want what's more familiar to them. Let's face it--Call of Duty is still the most popular shooter played, but I think iD and Certain Affinity underestimated just how tired many players are of the Call of Duty systems.

Paytaa1281d ago

Certain Affinity did a great job with Halo 2A and Max Hobberman who is the head of CA was the former multiplayer lead for Halo 1-3.

They've never developed a multiplayer component by themselves, they just assisted id on the MP. Same with Ghosts and even World at War.

Sciurus_vulgaris1281d ago

Certain Iffinity didn't actually design the mp of those games you mentioned, they did some of map packs.

Morgue1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

the load outs are lame but I guess when a lot people are playing COD you gotta give them something they can relate too.

I also had too change my original comment because I misread yours.

1281d ago
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EazyC1281d ago

Is some of this score a quasi-punitive measure against the fact they didn't give early release copies to press-- and assumably -- no $$$ kickback from the devs? The review constantly drags the same argument around the block

battleFROnt1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

fair score..
7 is a good score still.. I'd probably enjoy it more than a lot of overrated titles.

I'm sure no one will put a knife to the author's throat since this isn't an exclusive title.

so the con is the multiplayer... when I played it on PS4 it didn't feel good to me.
DooM is revered for it's SP anyhoo

Sciurus_vulgaris1281d ago

I would give the game an 8 to 8.5, very good single player. The however is a big imbalanced pew pew mess that insults the singleplayer and Doom name.

Kurt Russell1280d ago

The SP is great, especially as the difficulty goes up. I am enjoying the MP too, people like Sciurus_vulgaris jump on the band wagon of "this is an insult to Doom" but fail to remember that Doom 2's MP was fairly bad and required mods to be any good, and Doom 3's MP was worse and Doom 1 vanilla was only 4 player (although great at the time, unplayable now without mods).