CEMU 1.5.0 showcased emulating Mario Kart 8 almost perfectly

CEMU is by far the best emulator for WiiU, and the team behind it is currently working on a new version. YouTube’s member ‘reznoire‘ had access to the upcoming 1.5.0 build and shared a video, showcasing Mario Kart 8 running on it.

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LOL_WUT2079d ago

This never ceases to amaze me. Despite what the naysayers were saying, they have come a long way. Keep up the hard work ;)

benji1012078d ago

It looks like crap. If this amazes you I cant imagine how you would react to the real version.

LOL_WUT2078d ago

I own the game dude. What I meant was, for an emulator, this looks awesome. ;)

Skate-AK2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Wow. Surprised at how much progress they have made in such a short time. The PS3 emulator can barely run Ace Combat, let alone a high quality exclusive like MK8. Although the progress is very slow, we know it is because of how hard it is to emulate the Cell, RSX and SPUs. That is why Sony can't do BC on the PS4.

I wonder if the team can make a separate window to run the emulated game pad by clicking the mouse to simulate a tap on the scteen? Simillar to what the DS emulators have done. There are a few games that will be unplayable without game pad emulation.

Omeganex99992079d ago

Exactly but NOPE, according to the average internet guy Sony just doesn't want to give people backward compatibility cause they are focused on selling Playstation Now...

wonderfulmonkeyman2079d ago

I refuse to believe that Sony, with all of their professional paid programmers and money, couldn't figure out a way to do it if they had actually tried.

freshslicepizza2079d ago

of course they could but they are waging need versus costs and there really is no pressure on them to do it. microsoft managed to do it on the xbox 360 and it was a totally different design from the first xbox but it wasn't easy. they also had to pay royalties to nvidia because they didn't use their chips after the first xbox.

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The story is too old to be commented.