Microsoft, Sony Should Follow Nintendo with Xbox 720, PS4

Previous hardware evolutions saw consoles get bigger, more expensive and more technically advanced. Nintendo took a different model with the Wii, as of July, it finds itself in the top spot. The result? As experts look for "what's next?" they should really be looking at "what's here" -- because the next generation of consoles will either be more delayed than expected or show virtually no innovation.

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RyuStrife3756d ago

They have been. Rumor motion control for the 360+ a game from rare and PS3 Eyepet that's coming out(whenever that is). Plus they have hardcore games for the core gamers. So we will see what's in store for PS4 and "720" in the next few years.

Xavier_X3755d ago

PS3 Eyepet?

You're actually trying to say that is some attempt to 'follow Nintendo'?

It's a very advanced and modern version of:

from almost twenty years ago.

Has absolutely nothing to do with Nintendo.

mattnz3755d ago

then the tech is quite advanced, not sure you would get 'eyepet' if it wasn't for the advancements of 'next-gen' consoles (Wii not included)

RyuStrife3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

what I meant was Nintendo's aim isn't just at certain gamers(such as Hardcore, Casual gamers), it's aim at everyone. So Sony and MS have been following, just in their own way. It's not just about motion sensor, it's about getting everyone involve into gaming so they can profit.

Xavier_X3755d ago

How can you possibly claim one company is following another when the example you use to illustrates your point is of a product that came out in 2003 - two years before the Wii existed.

jtucker783755d ago

I thought they'd quit the hardcore and were going just casual.
Zelda and Mario were cool in 2006 and 2007, but since then they've realised that casual is the way to go.

I think Brawl was their last blow out.

After that we've had Mario Kart (which is now a casual experience), Mario Sluggers, then later Animal Crossing, Wii Music, Wii Sports Resort and there's a Zelda in the works that Miyamoto wants to make more casual.

I think they started this generation as casual and hardcore, but now they are slowly leaving the hardcore game.

Smacktard3755d ago

Mario and Zelda Wii were already casual as hell. The LAST thing Zelda needs is to be even EASIER. I sincerely doubt anyone has ever stopped playing Twilight Princess because it was too hard. I can see not playing it because it's too easy, though. Takes challenge out of the game.

zane_78493755d ago

The last thing I want is another Nintendo Wii.

SaiyanFury3755d ago

If Sony and Microsoft followed Nintendo, which we all know they won't, I would be sticking with my PS3 and 360 for another generation.

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josh143993756d ago

well if all consoles end up like the wii im quiting gaming because nintendo are wrecking the gaming industry by making it focus on girls and kids. i dont wanna dance round my living room with a wii-mote looking like a freak. im dreading sony and msoft announcing their next consoles because i have a funny feeling they are gonna copy the wii idea by selling cheap crap hardware with a gimmick that will entertain people (unless your a girl or a child) for about a week.

Apocwhen3755d ago

That's a fairly prejudiced comment right there. Why should girls and 'kids' as you put it be left out from the gaming industry. Credit to Nintendo for actually giving these people the chance to take part in it as it is a largely dominated male industry. And you'll probably find a large percentage of the gaming population is in fact kids. These companies are all in it for money at the end of the day.

Bangladesh3755d ago

Prejudice or not, it will be a cold in hell before I resort to flailing around like an overjoyed mental patient to play a game. I feel the same as Josh, I'll quit gaming first

Voiceofreason3755d ago

The problem both of you have is that neither of you has ever touched a Wii to know how games are played. YOu see a commercial for 1 mini game and you think the entire library plays that way. It doesnt. I have a hard time taking anyone seriously when they know nothing about the console. Every Wii game I own I play sitting down relaxing on the couch. No need to stand, and no arm flailing at all.Maybe it would help to find a friend with onew and try it out rather than 5 minutes at Gamestop or just from a commercial.

TheTwelve3755d ago

Agreed. Let the Wii have their audience but please don't turn all of gaming into Wii-gaming. PLEASE.


witchking3755d ago

... and frankly, if all the consoles require the jumping/waggling to interact, then I'm done with gaming as well. I agree that there are some games for which the waggle thing is okay (bowling, for instance), but I play FPSs for two hours a day and I can't imagine standing there and waggling and jumping around for that long. I'm also 41 and have been playing games for 30 years, and I relish playing from the couch.

ChickeyCantor3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

" if all the consoles require the jumping/waggling to interact "
Missed voice of reasons comment?

These arguments really annoy me.
A game containing only Waggle = bad design from the developers.
It's not the Wii it self/
I played Nintendo games relaxed without jumping or waggling like crazy.

You speak of FPS games...Metroid prime i really don't see it as a FPS game but it does have a FPS control scheme, And not once did i JUMP or whatever.
You just sound ignorant.

Having the ability to separate your hands far from each other is actually more relaxing than holding them close to each other.

TruthbeTold3755d ago

That's so true what you said regarding comfort. I doubt that many who don't own the Wii realize how the cord between the Wii remote and Nunchuk makes for much relaxation in gaming. As for the jumping up and down stuff, the only game that I own out of over 20 that you probably want to stand for is Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. Even so, it is in no way required.

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LoveWaffles3756d ago

If I have to take a controller and swing it around like a caveman, make a face at a camera, speak Clatto Verata Nicto, then fart on a stool, and sing the I'm a little tea pot backwards to get my guy to walk forward. Screw that I'll leave that crap to those people who "think" they are getting fit or "feel" like they're bowling. Give me the sticks and some good olde button mashing!

TheTwelve3755d ago

Word. I bowl, play baseball and dance in real life. When I game I want to game.


IzKyD13313756d ago

lets all hope that casual gaming doesn't completely take over the videogame market in the coming years, if it does, I would form an angry mob and destroy all things Nintendo

Voiceofreason3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

LOL casuals have always ruled the market. You seriously think every casual gamer just happened to pop into existance this gen? Nes,SNes,PS1,PS2 were all casual game consoles.If it wasnt for the casual then they would not have won their respective generation. This is the real problem with gaming today. Please though try to explain to me how PS2 was 100% hardcore with Strawberry shortcake, Bob the builder,Power rangers. Pat the Postman and so many others?

SmokingMonkey3755d ago

hard core gaming is better, has worked for SONY since PS1