Sony is Not Revealing the new PlayStation At E3 2016

Sony is planning to launch a new 4K/VR capable console. The name of the console isn’t known yet, but it could be PS4 Neo, PS4.5, PS4K, etc. According to a game industry insider, the new console from Sony will be revealed at the Paris Games Week trade show, not at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016.

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DopeTech2991d ago

I hope not. Shinobi602 is a legit source for these kinds of things, I hope they just announce it at E3 and have some kind of info blowout with it and announce the release date with it, the wait is killing me!!

BitbyDeath2990d ago

Will have to wait and see, he was wrong recently when saying Horizon: Zero Dawn was delayed til next year.

poppinslops2990d ago

Was he?

I assume your referring to the Uncharted posters that listed Horizon as a 2016 game? Because those were almost-certainly produced before Shinobi's announcement - which was just a couple of weeks before the promos released - and it's not as though Sony's going to announce Horizon's delay on an Uncharted ad... Shinobi's track-record speaks for itself, so I'd hold-out 'til E3 before denouncing him.

bouzebbal2990d ago

Gamescom has almost always been the event where Sony reveals slim versions and hardware in general

rainslacker2989d ago

His track record is about 50/50 and half of what he does right is just logical guesses. He's wrong on plenty of things, and I find it hard to believe he would have more information on Neo than the devs do right now...up to and including release plans. As a dev, I'd be happy just to have some form of specs made available, but hey, why would devs need that before the system releases.....right?

poppinslops2989d ago


You sure you're not confusing Shinobi with Tidux or Thuway? Cos those guys are guessers, but Shinobi is almost always right... As to 'his' identity, my theory is 'he' doesn't exist - it's just a really elaborate marketing ploy, designed to float 'controversial' news and make hardcore gamers feel 'clever'.

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ninsigma2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I'd rather they announced at e3 (around e3, not necessarily on stage) so that we can stop getting speculative articles based on nothing xD

Not that we'll see an improvement in the comments section because if it is announced the real storm will begin lol

Interested to see what it will offer if it does exist.

Yeah I'm pretty sure it exists as well but I'm generally adverse to stating such as fact due to no official confirmation. Just one of my things :p

poppinslops2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Oh, it exists - there's WAY too much evidence to suggest otherwise... Personally, I'd prefer they announce it soon, if-only so the hard-core gamers know when to start saving (or get a second job!).

I get the feeling Sony aren't delighted by these leaks, but they should at-least say something - I doubt I'm the only person who was waiting for Uncharted, only to now be waiting for the Neo... That said, October makes sense - PSVR is set to release then, and Christmas is the season for bundles, so I can see why they're waiting.

freshslicepizza2990d ago

they won't announce it too far ahead becuse it could translate into loast ps4 sales by some waiting. and yes it does exist because sony will not say much of anything.

_-EDMIX-_2989d ago

Moldy is right. Sony's likely going to reveal it very shortly before release as to not lose PlayStation 4 sales they do this most times with price cuts and with slim versions.

rainslacker2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

There's litterally not one single piece of evidence that has been given to the public for perusal. Hell, I don't even know any devs which have seen evidence of its existence. Every piece of evidence is all based on hearsay and assertion of fact and none of it has been seen by anyone on here. Not one single person on here can link to the actual physical proof of it's existence, but can readily link to the hearsay and assertion articles. There are even only a few sites which assert these things, with everyone else just rebroadcasting it, and the whole thing has morphed into some sort of absolute. On top of that, there has really only been a few pieces of evidence actually asserted. It just seems like more because it keeps getting talked about over and over again. And lastly, the few pieces of evidence we do have has changed several times since this all began.

So assuming all this evidence is fact, why not just say the evidence that it's just a UHD capable PS4 is also fact? I mean, it was one of the pieces of evidence which itself asserted that's all the Neo amounted to.

It's actually rather amusing just how readily people are accepting everything as fact, despite not having seen a single piece of evidence beyond what a few journalist claim to be true.

starchild2989d ago


I have to agree. What you are saying makes a lot of sense. I only wonder why Sony hasn't said anything to quash these rumors if they aren't true.

I guess if they are going to release some kind of upgraded PS4, even if that only amounts to a UHD Blu-ray upgrade, maybe they simply don't want to tip their hand at all.

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2990d ago
joeorc2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

He has been wrong before, and again notice the leaked documents that these news media have seen that some were reporting do not list among the writing on these documents released to market listing for retailers?

Also when Sony as these media sites are reporting that states its not going to have any exclusives or will not be separate in its networks functionality but offer 4K. The fact is if it was true to form upgrade to take advantage of 4K resolution.

Why would Sony not release this upgraded Ps4 in Home theater in instead. Many already state it may..notice it [may] have support for PSVR to increase its power.they are not sure?I mean if every PS4 can run the PSVR do you think for one second in the leak documents in how important Playstation VR is to Sony , knowing full well the upfront expensive investment Sony put into it may have wanted to talk to Development studio & Publishers about the quote "New exciting upgrades to PSVR" that can be had for developers with the PS4K system?

Any time there is real documents of that type of importance especially with the costs and questions that would arise about such that Dev. Net would be talking about this more across its forums then what we are hearing about?

Many claimed these are being openly shared to developers ..I log into Dev net..and no; not that I can see at all.

There is no indications of this so called leaked documents being openly shared.

OB1Biker2990d ago

He did say he was told and not 100% certain. Other rumours said neo would be shown at TGS. I think it's possible Sony announces it at E3 and fully reveal it later on. It doesn't seem to be in the same category as a new gen and I guess they may not want to overdo it as to overshadow the base PS4

rainslacker2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Dev.net has some chatter about it, but it's mostly members just asking if it's something they should or need to know about. No one there seems to know what it is, and I've seen some devs in there from pretty big studios who would be privy to that kind of information early. There was a really long thread about it in the forums, and eventually it died because everyone came to the conclusion it couldn't possibly be a thing for release this October, because they would have to know about it by now...if not last year. That was a couple weeks ago. Since then, the topic has been pretty quiet because developers know how to move on from hearsay.

But some of us few random forum goers who probably know more about what's going on in the background due to our work are dismissed, because we won't verify ourselves, but unnammed sources from what most people consider dodgy media sites, and random "insiders" with perceived spotless track records are taken as gospel.

My only conclusion is that the media sites got played, or they misunderstood some information and still got played, or they are actively making up bullsh*t for hits. If it's the latter, I really wonder what kind of fallout it might have. Granted, if they got played, they should still be held accountable for their ineptitude.

Fin_The_Human2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Maybe Sony was planning to reveal it at E3 but have been updated about the negative press and reaction that it has been getting from the media and some fans.

E3 is the biggest gaming show in the industry and it can make or break your product...the XB1 reveal at E3 is a good example and has taken MS a lot to gain back the trust of gamers .

Revealing the Neo at another show will be more low key and won't get as much press if it turns out that people don't like the idea.

joeorc2990d ago

"Revealing the Neo at another show will be more low key and won't get as much press if it turns out that people don't like the idea"

What? Will not get as much bad press? Like after such a low key event the 24Hours news cycle would not have it all over the internet or it would not generate as much bad press or anything like that?


Come on..the gamer media and the internet is a 24 hour news cycle , it would not matter when or at what event you would release it at if there is a negative tone on the news no matter when your release of it..its still going to hit the 24Hours news cycle .

You are not going to reduce that at all with today's news media..it would not matter when or where.

Fin_The_Human2990d ago

Joe E3 is covered by big media companies like BBC, CNN and Fox.

Sure the gaming media is 24 7 but do casuals know what Ignition or Giant Bomb is.

My point was that once companies like CNN or BBC start to report that the 4K Neo is not being received well by gamers then this could have a butterfly effect on the vanilla Ps4 sales since casuals don't go into the tech details but more into what someone is pushing them to buy.

OB1Biker2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

They also can just announce it at E3 and fully reveal it later as it doesn't seem to be the same thing as if it was an all brand new device and better bring this one smoothly as possible.

Deadpooled2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

'E3 is covered by big media companies like BBC'

Well I don't know how well covered it is by CNN and FOX (very rarely watch or follow news stories from them in the UK), but it is not well covered by the BBC or Sky News or other broadcasting media platforms in the UK, maybe brief messages or one off reports near the end of each half hour segment of news reports but definitely not on the scale of E3 announcements becoming breaking news or part of major news reports. BBC News does have a half hour tech programme called 'Click' and Sky News has 'Swipe' but they don't really have video games as the main focus. Even dedicated tech programs like 'The Gadget Show' rarely show video game news even at programs scheduled on E3 week.

However due to certain agendas anything gaming that would be 'relevant' on the mainstream news channels in the UK would be something related to like 'gamer-gate', 'gamer feminist attention whore spreading bullcrap about being trolled online' and 'games blamed for child violence' etc. Which is why anyone having a proper interest in the subject of gaming and games in general would not turn to those sources for their news fix and instead turn to gaming websites such as N4G.

The UK being a big market for the big three, it's mostly on advertising (and word of mouth/visiting gaming sites like N4G) that brings awareness to consumers here and generates interest and sales for games and consoles.

_-EDMIX-_2989d ago

E3 is a big show but most times when both Microsoft or Sony announced a price cut or slim version, most of those came active within the week of their announcement because the rumor is for October release it's actually very likely it won't be revealed at E3.

It doesn't really sound like Sony to announce a new version or sku of something months before its release.

If we believe the October rumor we should also believe that the company has been known to do with such announcements.

I'm not sure how a backlash can even translate into lost sales to be honest so I don't think for a second that the company chose not to because of consumers.

I mean sure if you could actually explain how such an upgrade could financially hurt the company I would love to hear it.

rainslacker2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Unfortunately that doesn't make much sense. It's like the X1's DRM issue. It's the elephant in the room, and regardless of if it's true or not, they would be better off addressing it, and it makes more sense to do it when the press is actually there to listen. They can either squash everything with one sentence, or confirm it. If it's not real, it makes more sense to squash it when you have everyone's attention. If it is real, it makes more sense to announce it at the biggest trade show.

New hardware at Paris Game Week doesn't make sense. So lets look at the various rumors.

It's a UHD capable PS4. E3 would allow Sony to push out a new UHD player on the market when there isn't as much competition. This hardware push is typical with their PS line, and it makes more sense to do it now when there are only a few players on the market, and stand alones are expensive.

It's a double the power PS4/4K capable unit. Why wait? If they're ready to release it, there's no reason to wait until October, as announcing it at E3 or PGW would stall sales of their current unit as people wait it out. This means if they're ready to announce it, it's probably close to ready to ship. However, no retail evidence exists that it is coming. After PGW, there just isn't any other big international shows which will get the kind of attention it needs, and that's not how Sony releases consoles.

But consider this. Sony shouldn't be second guessing itself on this. If they're going to do it, they have to be committed to it, and sell the messaging of why it exists, and how it will benefit the consumer. It makes more sense to do that when the mainstream media is paying attention, because it's the mainstream which makes up the bulk of console sales. Sony will have to want to get the mainstream excited. They can get the gamers excited at any time, because as joe says, news is 24 hours. But a low key event means Sony has to work more later to market the idea, and ultimately, it can cause the product to fail, because the message may not get out there as much. Again, look at MS DRM policies. Mainstream picked up on it, GameStop talked about it, it was everywhere. MS didn't say a word at E3 about it, and when they finally reversed the policies in a low key way, the mainstream knew nothing about it. That's not a good way to market a product. Sony's messaging isn't going to be in the line of "testing the waters", it's going to be with confidence that what they have to offer is beneficial to the consumer, and they are going to want to express those benefits in the most efficient way possible. Forum people will still fight it out, but the mainstream will only see the PR stuff that the mainstream will give it, and most of the negatives will not be addressed.

Regardless of what happens, people know about it. The reaction is already mixed. They have to address it, or it's just going to keep building. I'm surprised they haven't addressed it already because as of now it's contained to the forums, but at E3, lack of saying something will only draw more attention to it as more people outside the regular forum goers are getting gaming news.

In any case, low key isn't really how Sony announces new hardware. PSTV is the only instance where they went somewhat low key, and that pretty much flopped.

I could actually see a dedicated conference to announce an actual hardware upgrade. It allows them to focus their efforts, not be drowned out by other news, and to invite the entire press to attend to insure that the information gets out there with proper press releases.

_-EDMIX-_2989d ago

@Rain- "New hardware at Paris Game Week doesn't make sense" I sorry rain but it might if its really a October release.

", there's no reason to wait until October, as announcing it at E3 or PGW would stall sales of their current unit as people wait it out. This means if they're ready to announce it, it's probably close to ready to ship" IF it is ready to ship, then clearly a E3 announcement would make sense.

I just saying, if its coming out soon, I don't see them announcing it MONTHS before its release, the announcement is likely going to be days to even week before it can be picked up as they've done with literally all their revisions.

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Deeke2990d ago

During the stream, Shinobi said "I would have said this publicly if I thought it was 100% true, so I didn't" So it could still happen. However the logic is pretty sound.

XanderZane2990d ago

Just more rumors from people who don't really know what's going on. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't come out until next year to be honest. Sony hasn't said anything about it at all. With PSVR coming out this year, having TWO $400 hardware released around the same time may not be the brightest idea.

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Omnislashver362991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Hmm, maybe they're releasing next year and it's a full update to Zen/Polaris? Anyway this is bad news for me. I don't own a PS4 yet and have been holding out for NEO. If it releases this year, they should atleast give us some info at e3.

Shubhendu_Singh2990d ago

It's all speculation obviously, so I will say it will be sure to release in Oct/Nov this year. Sony can announce PS4K at gamescom/PGW.