New GT5: Prologue Update Released

Polyphony Digital has released a new update for GT5: Prologue
In the new update it's included a new car, the AUDI R8, a new homepage scenario and new music.

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Antan3756d ago

The R8`s been in from the start so dont know where this info is coming from?

ErcsYou3756d ago

I was thinking the same thing...

Jeremy Clarkson3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Perhaps the US version didn't have it?

EDIT - The italian translated by me (properly) because google translator is rubbish at italian:

This evening, I discovered a new update for GT5!
There's no official changelog here's what I found:

New car: Audi R8!
New backdrop for the home page (underground parking)
New Music

What can I say? Start GT5 and update it! Although in my case, I performed the update through the network menu.

ErcsYou3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

I just checked the US version and the R8 is already available.. DL'n a update of some sort right now, i hope there is a new Car..

Edit: No new car, only new backgrounds on the Home page :(

NO_PUDding3756d ago

You sure there isn't a Lotus Evora?

I ehard that some people had been blessed with that. And the Ferrari California is coming.

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Crazyglues3756d ago

Getting cars for free is priceless... and the Audi R8 is one sweet car..

Man I just wish they could give us the Nurburgring - that track would be so sweet...

but how can you really complain about free....

ErcsYou3756d ago

Wait...... Doesn't GT5P already have the R8??

Crazyglues3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

That's a good question, not sure because I put the game in and bought the car.. then after you restart up pops this download and you get this amazing trailer of the R8 as an intro video and it looks amazing...

you also get new backgrounds, it's amazing... I love it...


seems to be a new video too which is free called Ferrari California Debut... under GT TV

ErcsYou3756d ago

I checked... The R8 was already there. I updated and the News section in GT5P says Thats it just a update to the home page , no new car... Backgrounds are nice though

spandexxking3756d ago

now THAT would be an update...the nurb...i hope poly include it in the real update.

ShinMaster3756d ago

I could be the actual Audi R8 racing car.

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Bren863756d ago

I think they need to allow private rooms etc and just basicually sort out online because its been crap since day 1.

IzKyD13313756d ago

Polyphony needs to focus ALL there efforts on the full game, they have stated that their focusing on prologue right now, but at this rate, we won't get GT5 until 2010 (maybe late 2009 if we're lucky)

radio0o3756d ago

Focusing on Prologue and the full game is the same thing. They're using Prologue to test code, physics, changes and other things. Meanwhile they are modeling all the cars as we speak for the full game. Each day they model one or more full cars for GT5, so relax. They are working on it.

TheMART3756d ago

So where is the damage modelling they promised in an update?

power0919993756d ago

"So where is the damage modelling they promised in an update?"

My guess is.... not in this update. Stay tuned!!

I know how exciting waiting for promised content can be for any console.

gunnerforlife3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

i really dnt know why i havent blocked u Mart its probably cuz ur so funny and dumb at the same time:)

PimpHandStrong3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

is that really how you need to show your face?

come on kid

you have been using your other name so much we dont see the classic Kmart anymore

what happened?

get banned?

do you think your to good for open zone or something?

lol Kmart why do you care if GT5P get damamge

you dont own a PS3

Alvadr3755d ago

They say its coming Autumn.. we are still in August

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